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CNC Routing, Sign Making & Engraving Resources

This page is intended to provide links to web sites and resources that Vectric software users (signmakers, engravers, hobbyists etc.) may find useful.

If you supply products, services or materials to the CNC routing and engraving industry, send us your details and we will link back to your web site.

Vector Art offer a fantastic choice of decorative clipart pieces that are perfect for V-Carving. Visit the web site to see the range that can be purchased as complete collections or individual pieces.

Vector Art 3D is a great site for high quality 3D Clipart models for CNC routing and engraving. These are perfect for machining onto products such as signage, furniture, gifts etc. and you can download their Free model viewer so you can review all the designs in 3D when deciding which models to purchase.

Carve3D is a great site for High Quality Custom 3D Models. Carve3D offer a bespoke design and modeling service to anyone requiring 3D relief models for artistic CNC routing and engraving.

CNCZone is an excellent web site for researching and sharing information on CNC machining. The site contains Forums, Product Reviews, Adverts, Chat etc. and brings together CNC users world wide to discuss anything from making your own machine to sourcing materials.

There is a dedicated Forum for Vectric products.

Signforums International provides a great web site for sign makers looking for information on any sign related business ranging from from material suppliers to product pricing and helpful workshops.

Woodweb is a great web site for researching information on woodworking and CNC routing. The site contains Forums, Product Finders, Adverts, etc. and brings together Woodworkers world wide to discuss anything from job opportunities and Business Management to Adhesives and Tooling suppliers .

Information about VCarve Pro  is found in the Software section.

The ShopBot User Forum

The ShopBot User Forum is a great place for everything relating to CNC Routing. If you are looking for advice on materials, cutters, machine setups, control systems, pricing, designing etc. etc. then visit the ShopBot Forum.

The Aspire section >

The VCarve Pro & PhotoVCarve section >

The Hobbyist's Machine Shop by Dan Kautz

The Hobbyist’s Machine Shop web site is where owner Dan Kautz describes how he builds projects in metal using hobby type CNC machine tools. There are 1000's of hobby CNC machinist around the world and this web site describes how Dan Kautz in the USA got started, how his shop and projects grew, and what he is doing today.

See Dan's Lithophane project using PhotoVCarve to run his CNC converted Taig Mico-Mill >

See Dan's 2 sided bowl project cut using Cut3D on his Taig Mill >

WoodShop News - Electronic on-line magazine

Use the Search engine on the web site to find all mentions of - Vectric >

Moran's Wood Components in the UK offer an excellent range of routable materials such as solid woods, veneered woods, synthetic bases and sub-contract CNC routing services.

Walzcraft Industries supply a wide range of materials and services for kitchen cabinets and custom wood working.

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