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The releases of Aspire 4.0 and Aspire 4.5 contain many enhancements and also completely new functionally. A key part of the development philosophy behind these was to work through the most heavily used tools in the program to see if we could make them even easier to use. This has resulted in many additions and tweaks which will improve the general work-flow for all users. We have also added some very powerful new functions such as the "Extrude and Weave" modeling tool. Using the buttons below you can read more about the main enhancements in each section of the program.

Aspire 4.5

Aspire 4.5 was a free upgrade for Aspire 4.0 customers, the "What's New" document and videos on this page describe and demonstrate the features that were added specifically in V4.0. Using the buttons above you can read a summary of all features new to both 4.0 and 4.5. If you want to see specifically what was new between 4.0 and 4.5 only then please follow the link below.

All new Aspire customers and those upgrading from other Vectric products will receive Aspire 4.5. Customers with Aspire 4.0 can upgrade for free by following the instructions on the page linked to below:

Click here see what's new in Aspire 4.5

What's New Videos

Aspire 4.5 Features Example 1

Aspire 4 - What's New Example 1 Video

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Aspire 4.5 Features Example 2

Aspire 4 - What's New Example 2 Video

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