What is Cut2D?

  • Cut2D is designed to help Hobby CNC machine users convert CAD DXF and graphics designs into GCode / CNC Toolpaths for machining parts and components.

  • Priced for the Hobby user, Cut2D is affordable, easy to use software that's very functional and creates high quality CNC toolpaths for virtually all CNC machines.

  • Automatic cutter diameter compensation, machines designs precisely to size without having to worry about manually offsetting geometry for the cutter being used.

  • Fantastic, high quality colour shaded 3D Preview with realistic material types that show exactly what the job will look like when machined.

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Cut2D Overview

Cut2D - CNC Machining for Hobby Users

“I’m using Cut2D to machine radio controlled models drawn by my son and the results off the mill are great! 

The software is very easy to use and the 3D toolpath preview provides an in-depth visualization of the machining process and the finished parts before running the machine.”

Wes Spence

Wes Spence and his son Mike are making scale model RC car components on an SIEG SX3 CNC Mill with Mach3.


High quality 3D Toolpath Preview

What does Cut2D do?

  • Automatically converts CAD drawings and Graphic designs to GCode / CNC Toolpaths.
  • Opens most industry standard 2D vector drawing formats DXF, EPS, AI & PDF file formats.
  • Pocket Machining with either raster or offset machining patterns, plus the option to ramp the cutter into the material.
  • Profile Machining-running the cutter around the outside, inside or on the selected geometry, with the option to ramp the cutter into the material.
  • Automatic cutter diameter compensation for toolpaths ensures parts are cut to the required size. Simply select the shapes and Cut2D compensates for the cutter diameter and shape.
  • Interactive Tab / Bridge placement to ensure parts are securely held in place when cutting from sheet material.
  • Automatic calculation for Outside and Inside cutting when multiple shapes are selected.
  • The option to Ramp the cutter into the job is very important when cutting hard materials because it reduces the load on the bottom of the cutter.
  • Drilling with option for Peck drilling cycle.
  • 3D Colour and 2D wireframe toolpaths Previews shows exactly what the part will look like when machined.

I run a home made CNC machine and have demo’d many CAM programs but never found one that was as functional and affordable as Cut2D!

Cut2D is very simple to use, amazingly fast at calculating toolpaths for even my most complex parts and the CNC toolpath files run perfectly on my machine. I was able to import DXF files, toolpath them, post to Mach3 and cut them with confidence on my CNC machine. 

The bottom line is Cut2D has all the functionality I need at a price I can afford and gets the job done perfectly!

Jeff Arnett
Wood Time Inc.


Cut2D is typically being used by hobby CNC machinists and is ideal for a wide range of machining applications.

  • Model Engineering
  • Hobby Machinists
  • Home Build / Brew machine projects
  • 2D CNC Routing and Cutting
  • Radio Controlled Model Making
  • PCB Board engraving / machining
  • Badge / Logo engraving
  • Clock making
  • Prototype and Model machining
  • Simple Sign Making
  • Engraving
  • Toy making
  • Woodworking
  • Cabinet making
  • Model Aircraft parts
  • LED Lit Plastic Displays

Free Download

You can see how easy it is to use Cut2D by downloading the registration-free trial version of the software. The trial includes a selection of files (see below) that will let you cut the tutorial examples on your own CNC machine. Click here >

To view the tutorial videos (listed below) and download training material Click here >

  • Wing Spar
  • Nameplate
  • Loco Wheel
  • Con Rod
  • Vectophone (Advanced)
  • Import 3D (Advanced)

Cut2D and VCarve Pro Comparison

Cut2D converts vector designs to 2D toolpaths and saves CNC Code. For simplicity the software only includes limited editing tools for fixing, sizing and positioning geometry and does not include Image Tracing, Layer Control, True Shape Nesting, 3D Engrave / VCarving, Prism, Pocketing, Profiling, Auto-Inlay, Plate Engraving and Texturing toolpath options.

Cut2D customers who require a full set of drawing, design and layout tools plus the options listed above for advanced and flexible toolpath strategies can upgrade to VCarve Pro.

For more details on the main differences between Cut2D and VCarve Pro - Click here >

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Note - Cut2D postprocessor's do not support machines with ATC - Automatic Tool Changers


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