Unfortunately the 2012 User Group meeting is now over.
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Vectric User Group 2012 Report

The Vectric Team are excited to announce that this year's User Group Meeting will be held at the Embassy Suites, Cincinnati - RiverCenter, on the 19th & 20th October 2012!

Each year the Vectric User Group Meeting provides a unique opportunity to get the latest information about our software. As always we will cover the core skills and fundamental information our users need to know to get the most from VCarve Pro and Aspire. The sessions are designed to provide something for all levels of user, so beginners learn best-practice techniques and advanced users pick up new approaches and time saving methods. There will also be ample opportunity to enjoy one of the best things about attending the meeting; the chance to meet fellow 'Vectricians'. Between the presentations the attendees forge new friendships while sharing their knowledge and showing off what their passion for CNC has led them to create.

If you are an existing VCarve Pro or Aspire user this meeting will expand your knowledge, increase productivity and provide motivation to get even more from the software. If you are not a current customer but are considering purchasing a Vectric product or just generally interested in CNC design & machining, then we would also be glad to welcome you. This year we plan to cover topics relevant to both VCarve Pro and Aspire although a few of the sessions will focus solely on the modeling tools in Aspire so please review the agenda for details on the mix of subjects.

General Information:
Why attend: Click here for some of the benefits of attending this year.
When: Fri 19th - Sat 20th
October 2012
Time: Day One - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Day Two - 8:30am - 4:15pm
Where: Embassy Suites, Cincinnati - RiverCenter
Availability: FULLY BOOKED
Fee: $150
(first come first served)

The registration fee covers the 2 days of training classes plus a lunch and coffee & drinks during the 2 day meeting.

Last year over 95% of the respondents rated the meeting as 'Excellent/Good' in the post-meeting survey.

"Vectric always does a great job with these. Unlike a lot of software companies, which usually, at a venue like this, talk mostly about their products, Vectric always focuses on what you can DO with their products, and that makes all the difference. Hope they never change that. This was my 3rd UG meeting, and once again I leave full of new potential techniques and ideas.", Gary Liming


Vectric User Group Meeting 2011, Las Vegas

Above: Photo's from the 2011 User Group Meeting.
Click Here to learn more about the 2011 meeting and browse the event gallery.

Benefits of Attending:

The wide variety of topics covered at the User Group are designed to not just relate to one application but to have transferable skills and concepts to improve your use of the software regardless of what you want to make or your current level of skill.

We will publish the full detailed agenda for the 2012 User Group later this year.

"Not only did we enjoy seeing the fantastic demos of the new Aspire and VCarve Pro software, we also saw some wonderful Show-and-Tell projects. Of course the best part of meetings like this is the people. It doesn't get much better than this - the Vectric community is one of those most helpful and positive groups I've ever encountered.

As usual, the Vectric Team put on a First-Class event - many thanks to the entire Vectric Staff for their hospitality and the 100's of hours they spent in preparation to make sure this User Group went off without a hitch. Outstanding job, to be sure!",
Michael Tyler


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