Review - User Group Meetings 2014

ImageWe’ve had a very positive response to this year’s meeting in Orlando both on the Vectric Forum and also in the early feedback from the post-meeting survey. A big thanks to everyone who attended and made it such an enjoyable and valuable event

Total attendance at the meeting was around 120 people along with 5 members of Vectric staff. The event was spread over two days and included a wide variety of topics which ranged from simple textures generated with the fluting toolpath to a 2-sided, 2-piece decorative 3D dish project. 

To start the meeting Edward Powell, Vectric’s Technical Director spent 90 minutes show-casing features from the future releases of VCarve Pro and Aspire. These were enthusiastically received with many people telling us how beneficial they could see these enhancements being once the software is available. Following this we had a selection of technical topics from Beki Jeremy, Sara Marques and James Booth using both VCarve Pro and Aspire.

To finish the day we had two additional presenters (pictures directly opposite), Todd Bailey from showed how easy it is to work with his designs using Aspire. Todd was followed by Vectric customer Michael Mezalick who showed us three of his projects discussing the design and machining challenges for each one and how he overcame them. The quality and scope of Michael’s work is very high so it was really interesting and motivational to see how he utilizes Aspire and his CNC in a traditional artisans environment.

After this we had the opportunity to spend time with customers discussing technical questions along with admiring the excellent examples of work that many people had brought with them. There were a lot of great pieces including Dana Decker’s “Turtle Table” and also parts of a giant baseball bat that CW Kreimer had made, Dale Hellewell had also made a very large number of the “Tower of Hanoi” game to give away which was very kind. Michael Tyler, the creator of Vectric’s projects of the month brought along a large selection of finished examples to showcase how great these freely available resources look once they have been built. You can see some of these and many others in the images.



As always, during both days there was lively discussion during the breaks, lots of questions were asked and information freely shared. The chance to discuss CNC/Software related topics with other users is often as beneficial to the attendees as watching the presentations. As often seems to be the case at our User Groups there was a real sense of friendliness and camaraderie among the delegates.

Day two we started a little earlier with a four projects involving detailed drawing examples and 2D and 2.5D toolpath techniques. The rest of the day was filled with Beki, Sara and James covering a broad variety of  modeling and machining projects. Finally we finished with a discussion on getting Inspiration when designing projects and had a quick refresher on the flexibility of a CNC and how it’s such a powerful and useful tool. After thanking everyone involved with the meeting (thanks again Michael Mezalick, Michael Tyler and Tim Merrill), everyone started their long trip homes and the Vectric staff packed up and went for a well-earned beer. At the base of the page is a gallery of additional images from the US meeting.

In addition to the Orlando meeting, this year we also held the one-day meeting in the UK near the Vectric office. This was back in September and was also very well received. With around 30 attendees we had a full day of presentations and then those who were available in the evening came back to the Vectric office to have a look round and continue the networking with other users. There was a wide variety of professions and hobbies represented at the meeting and like in the US some very high quality items on display. Again the early feedback has been good on this meeting and we’ll be looking seriously at holding a similar event next year if there is appropriate demand on the customer surveys.

If you attended either meeting and have not received a survey then please email to request the link, if you have received the survey but not completed it yet please take a few minutes to do so. We take detailed notice of the feedback and comments and have used them year on year to try and improve the meetings accordingly.

Once again thanks to those who came to either meeting, as soon as we know where we’re going to be next year we’ll make the announcement on the website and in the newsletter.










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