Review - Visit to Spain

ImageLast month Sara Marques from Vectric visited five Spanish CNC manufacturers who offer Vectric software with their machines. This was an excellent opportunity to meet face-to-face with sales, support and training staff at the companies along with a chance to demonstrate the new features of our Version 8 software programs.

Sara summarized her visit by saying, “The trip was tiring but rewarding. I gained a more in depth knowledge of each of our OEM’s activities, how they started and what they expect to do in the future. It was exciting to hear how they like the new features of Aspire and VCarve and that the creation of the translated website (/Espanyol.htm) and documentation were proving beneficial to reach more Spanish speaking users.”

In addition to meeting with the CNC manufacturers, Sara had the opportunity to provide a day-long session of demonstrations and support to a group of 24 current Vectric users and potential customers. Although it was only setup at the last minute it provided a good opportunity to share tips and ideas and to connect with users from many other parts of Spain!

Sara commented that, “It was a pleasure meeting with the users from so many different regions, such as Madrid, Cartagena and Andalucía and to hear them talk about their projects, their plans and their dedication to their CNC hobby or work.”

Overall, the trip was a success in connecting with suppliers and customers and helps Vectric to understand more about this particular market. For the future this will enable us to continue to further develop materials and ideas to better serve Spanish speaking customers.  We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the companies and customers for their time and generosity during Sara’s visit.



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