Review - User Group Meetings 2016

We would like to start by saying a huge thank you to all those who attended the UK and US User Group Meetings. We have already had a lot of very positive feedback from the attendees, on the day, through our surveys and on the Vectric forum.


As you may have seen, our timing was not ideal as Hurricane Matthew came to visit us on the east coast of Florida. This meant many of our attendees unfortunately couldn’t make the event with flight cancelations and some staying home to protect their houses. Despite this, we still had a good turnout with over 30 customers braving the storm to make their way to the hotel. As such we ran a full schedule with the event split into two days with a wide variety of topics covered. All Projects that were showcased can be seen here - Vectric Blog

To kick start the meeting James Booth provided an overview of the improvements that were added to Cut2D, VCarve and Aspire V8.5. To follow this Vectric’s Technical Director Edward Powell gave everybody a teaser of what to expect in the next release across our software range which got a very encouraging response. For the rest of the day Beki Jeremy, new Vectric team member Dan Swatton and James Booth ran through a selection of technical topics. Beki covered a project to design and machine a 2D slot-together lamp followed by a close look at Vectric’s modeling tools to build up a military cartoon-style emblem. Dan showed 5 different techniques to build components that can be used as Tiles in the new Create Texture Area tool in Aspire and then James finished the day by discussing using a CNC to create tools to make other products. This included two demonstrations; one to build a print-block and jig and the other to mould a dragon’s claw for a novelty coat rack.

After the formal presentation we had a further opportunity to spend time with customers discussing technical questions along with admiring the excellent examples of work that many people had brought with them. There were a lot of great pieces on display including every single Vectric FREE Project of the Month designed by Michael Tyler. Dale Helewell also known as dhellew2 on the Vectric forum had kindly created everyone a slot together reindeer and a backscratcher as a give-away for all attendees.  

The second day provided even more variety with 6 more presentations. James started by overviewing some essential habits for being as productive as possible when using the software. Beki and Dan covered topics ranging from ‘Modeling a Revolver’ and ‘3D Clipart Assembly’ to ‘Creating a 2-sided Letter Opener’ and ‘Designing a “Do Nothing” Machine’. These were a mix of design and engineering problems, solved using the drawing, modeling and toolpathing tools in the software. James ended the day with a further explanation of how the CNC can be used to create moulds to form heated Corian sheet, one of these used MDF to make a “wave” candleholder and the second was a bowl mould. There was a lot of interest in all topics and really nice feedback at the end of the meeting.

As always, during both days there was lively discussion during the breaks, lots of questions were asked and information freely shared. The opportunity to discuss CNC/Software related topics with other users is often as beneficial to the attendees as watching the presentations. This was definitely the case this year with all delegates sharing tips, experiences and technical information with one another. Even with the Hurricane-reduced numbers it was still a very good meeting and left us with our normal glow of pride and inspiration that always seems to follow meeting groups of our customers and seeing what they do with the Vectric software.

In addition to the Orlando meeting, this year we also held our biggest ever UK Vectric User Group Meeting. The event was held at Vectric’s brand new Headquarters (which is a lot easier to find than our old office). In total we had almost 40 attendees with a full complement of Vectric staff pushing the numbers to around 55 people. This was a one-day event filled with a selection of the presentations shown at the US meeting. Again there was plenty of information sharing, networking and a great sense of friendliness within the group along with a real mix of professional users and hobbyists.


To finish we’d like to once again thank all those who attended, especially with the weather in the US. We are looking at options for presenting the videos online either as static videos, screencasts or a combination of the above to make sure those not in attendance can see the content from the meetings. Please look out for future announcements on the Vectric User Forum: and our social media channels regarding this.



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