VCarve Pro Version 4.5 Released

12th November 2007

New precision design and layout tools have been added to version 4.5 making drawing projects directly in VCarve Pro much easier, quicker and more accurate.

New 2D toolpath preview options show exactly where the tool will or won't cut. This makes it very simple to ensure the correct cutter is selected for each job.

VCarve Pro 4.5 is a Free Upgrade for all customers running version 4.0

The new features in 4.5 include:

Immediately see the job and material size plus much easier to layout designs.
For precision drawing and aligning objects relative to each other.
Snap Grid & Snapping Options
Drawing and designs aids.
New Vector Shapes
Stars and Polygons have been added to the shape drawing tools.
Fillet Corners
Add corner fillets to connecting lines.
New Node Editing Options
Multiple node selection and smoothing.
2D Toolpath Previews
New preview options that show exactly where toolpaths will cut relative to vectors and the cutting direction.


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