2009 Vectric User Group Meeting Training DVD - Now Available!

"The DVD is an absolute gold mine!"

"The User Group Meeting DVD is a excellent technical resource and is really helping me get the most from Aspire."

Joe Sabine, Owner of GripUs.COM, USA

If you were unable to attend the 2009 User Groups, you can now purchase a DVD containing all the presentations and video tutorial materials covered at the sold out events.

The User Group DVD contains a huge amount of information, and is a must for all Aspire users. It contains over 12 hours of high quality videos covering all the presentations and step by step demonstrations delivered at the meetings in Pittsburgh and Dallas. The DVD also includes an extra 3 hours of material that there simply wasn't time to cover at the meetings!


Along with the video tutorials, the DVD also contains the Aspire files & models used for each of the demonstrated projects (Note: the project files were produced in a Beta version of Aspire 2.5 and will only open in the new version which will be released very soon).

The feedback we have received about the content of the User Group Meetings has been excellent and we have had many people commenting on the quality of the videos and usefulness of the content on the DVD.

"What a fabulous meeting!"
"Very professional and informative meeting with two days of great material and ‘real world application tutorials' that answered many questions for me as well as for others. The meeting gave me a new insight into what Aspire can do and with a little bit of your own imagination, how much further it can take you."
Michael Mezalick, Mezalick Design Studio

"Many thanks for two great days of training & presentations. Obviously you guys put a tremendous amount of effort into the preparation and you far exceeded my expectations."
Ray Paquin

2009 UGM DVD
$149 / £95 / €125 + shipping

If you couldn't attend a user group this year, this DVD is the next best thing!

Contents of the Training DVD

  • What’s New in Aspire 2.5 and VCarve Pro 5.5

30 minute video looking at the new tools,
Interactive Trimming
Wrapped Rotary Axis Toolpaths
File & Toolpath Notes
Options & Interface

  • Presentations on Day 1

Vector Editing

Complete Sign Project - 52 Min video
Adding / Editing Text - 16 Min video
Working With Guides - 6 Min video
Working With Layers - 15 Min video

Project Planning

Presentation - 37 Min video
Planning Check List - PDF document

Aspire Tips & Tricks

Introduction - 2 Min video
Model Resolution - 31 Min video
Dished / Negative Projects - 13 Min video
2 Rail Sweeps - 37 Min video
Working With Bitmaps - Min video
Vectric Aspire Model Structure - PDF file

V-Inlay Machining

Tutorial - 12 Min video
V-Inlay - PDF Document

Glazing Explained - By Tim Merrill
PDF document

Cutter Selection - By Gary Beckwith
PDF document

  • Presentations on Day 2

Toolpath Techniques

Cutter Angle & Pass Depth - 15 Min video
Adding Form Cutters - 9 Min video
Texturing Toolpaths - 14 Min video
Fixing Common Problems - 8 Min video
Machining Simple Inlays - 9 Min video

Editing 3D Models

Introduction - 4 Min video
Pegasus - 14 Min video
Modifying a Banner- 14 Min video
Leaf Swirls - 36 Min video
Repeating Grapes Design - 11 Min video
Flying Goose - 34 Min video
Skull and Cross Bones - 20 Min video

Exploring 2D & 3D Options

Introduction - 3 Min video
Quatrofoil Design & Machine - 24 Min
Rosette Design & Toolpath - 11 Min video
Perfect Pies - 2D & 3D Signs - 85 Min

Aspire Modeling Projects

Banner & Linenfold - 38 Min video
Leaf Molding - 29 Min video
Bulldog Cartoon - 67 Min video

Additional 3D Models on the DVD

The 2009 User Group Meeting DVD also includes many excellent 3D models that James Booth created for each of his training presentations.

The images below show the Aspire files that are used in the video tutorials. These files are on the DVD and allow you to follow the video tutorials and step through each stage from start to finish.


Bull Dog

Bull Dog + Hat - Recessed

Flying Goose

Leaf Molding



Leaf Patter Swirl - Corner

Leaf Patter Swirl - Horizontal

Leaf Molding

Repeating Grapes


Linen Fold

Skull & X-Bones

Skull & Bones Clock


Repeating Pattern

Spun Flower



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