Vectric User Group Meeting 2010, Memphis

The Vectric User Group Meeting 2010

The 2010 Aspire User Group Meeting in Memphis, TN was a great success with over 120 people attending the event. We hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did and found the presentations interesting and enjoyable. We had a great time meeting customers and putting faces to names and Forum avatars, and it was a real pleasure seeing the fantastic work customers are doing with the software.

Vectric User Group Meeting 2010, Memphis

Watching James Booth working with Aspire and showing what can be achieved was inspirational and we certainly learned a lot from his presentations. The practical presentations by Tim Merrill and Paul Nielsen were very interesting and have triggered lots of ideas. A big Thank You for the excellent work guys.

The Vectric Team


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Vectric User Group Meeting 2010, Memphis

Thank you to everyone who completed the
on-line questionnaire.

The results were very interesting and useful, and apart from the issues with the hotel being so close to the airport (in the middle of 2 runways), the poor restaurant and the inadequate audio equipment, the general feedback on the quality and content of the presentations was very positive. We will certainly learn a lot from this feedback and use it to improve future events.

Vectric User Group Meeting 2010, Memphis



"It was an awesome event, extremely informative and has got me excited about the endless possibilities Aspire gives us. To the other members who I spent time talking to, thanks also. It was great to spend some time talking with some of the best out there, I Aspire to be like allot of you guys. Hopefully next year I'll get to meet more of you."
Paul Mannhardt

"This was my first meeting and first time out of Montana in a long time. My wife and I were there and really enjoyed ourselves. We learned a lot and it was nice to see the people who spend so much time helping the rest of us on the forum. Many thanks to the Vetric crew and James for a great program and artwork to use with it."


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