Vectric Attend San Francisco Maker Faire

Brian, James and Edward had the fantastic opportunity to attend the San Francisco Maker Faire ( this year as representatives of Vectric on the Shopbot stand. We wanted to show something technically interesting and in keeping with the ethos of the Maker community so, in just two weeks, we put together a booth based around a $150 Xbox Kinect sensor and a customized development build of Aspire. This allowed us to capture 3D models of people attending the Faire, and CNC the results using Shopbot's 4' x 2' Buddy router. Aspire allowed us to combine both 3D data from multiple passes of the Kinect's infrared sensor, as well as from its conventional camera, so that we could achieve much higher-resolution models than would normally be possible.

Kinect Cut-outs

Over the course of the show we cut 18, 1' square, portraits of show visitors from 2" high-density urethane foam sheets, kindly provided by Precision Board ( 

To reflect the 'just for fun' nature of our project, we also created a 'Vectric Labs' logo, which we assembled from 2D layers cut using VCarvePro from 1" MDF sheet. Our new mini-website ( documents both projects in more detail and is intended to become the outlet for more of our non-commercial experiments in the future. Watch this space!

Gallery (view more images HERE):

Kinect Setup at Maker Faire Ted with Board

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