Pre-Release Announcement for Aspire 4 and VCP

As many of you are aware, we have been very busy working on the new releases for VCarve Pro and Aspire. These were previewed last year at the User Group and received a really positive response from those in attendance. Since the User Group the software has undergone a lot of additional changes and been put through its paces by our excellent beta-testers. The software itself is now very close to completion and we have started the process of recording all new tutorial videos and updating the documentation. Due to the scope of the changes this has all taken longer than we hoped it would but we believe this will result in a really worthwhile release.

We are excited to announce that we are aiming to offer a download release of Aspire 4 before the end of February. This will be available to existing Aspire users who are entitled to the new version and will be accompanied by a "What's New" online tutorial to outline the enhancements. Once the download is available we will proceed to finish production of the DVD and start to ship the full disk-based release, hopefully within the following two weeks. The disk will be sent out to all eligible customers and will include all new video tutorials as well as a significantly larger set of 3D clipart (more on that below). VCarve Pro 7 will hopefully be released by the end of March 2013.

For the purposes of calculating who is entitled to free upgrade, we are going to back-date the official cut-off to January 1st, 2013. This means any customers who bought Aspire new in 2012 (or upgraded from VCarve Pro or Cut3D) will receive the new version at no additional charge. Anyone who upgraded from an older version of Aspire to Aspire 3.5 after September 1st, 2012 will also be entitled to a free upgrade to Aspire 4.0. As soon as the new version is available for download, those customers who are not eligible for a free upgrade will be able to purchase the new version through the Vectric Online Store. The cost for the upgrade will remain at $400 for existing Aspire customers and be unchanged from our current pricing for upgrades from other Vectric products.

As mentioned above, the new version of Aspire will ship with a much larger selection of clipart. This will include 300+ models unique to Aspire. These models will include 150 Panels, Shields and Weave models and the vectors to construct your own versions of these. In addition, we are increasing the number of Vector Art 3D Models from 50 to over 100. These will be supplied in all three styles (raised, dished and recessed) and are worth almost $4000 based on current website pricing. If you are considering purchasing or upgrading to Aspire, but thinking of waiting for the release, then it's worth noting that over 20 of the current set of models that ship with the software will NOT be included with V4.0. If you purchase the current version now though, you will get the V3.5 disks immediately that include these additional models in addition to receiving all the new ones and the upgraded software once it's available.

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