Announcement! - CNC Mini Projects / Design and Make



For some time we have been aware of an excellent resource for Aspire users called CNC Mini-Projects. Their product is similar to Vector Art 3D in that they provide high quality Aspire-ready 3D models but they take it a stage further. A typical CNC Mini-project typically retails for only $25 and includes 5 individual models.  The models are offered in themed sets and provided with a project layout sheet which shows ideas for different ways they can be used to create custom designs.

We are pleased to announce that Vectric has now acquired CNC Mini-Projects and Todd Bailey who originated the concept will be joining forces with us to work full time on creating new projects under the brand “Design and Make”. Todd brings over a decade of experience in 3D modeling and machining and we’re excited to be working with him to develop this idea to its full potential.  

If you’re an Aspire user then we’d recommend visiting the website to try one of the FREE sample projects and to browse the library of designs:












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