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ImageHaving become fluent with Aspire and more than comfortable with his CNC, Nick has created an amazing array of products with the highest level of finish. Nick shared a selection of these with us and talked though some of the features of each design…

Twisted leg table (Image - Right): When I first got the rotary axis I was trying to figure out exactly how it worked along with Aspire. So I made this really as a test to help me understand it better. The whole thing is made from MDF then sealed and painted. I used it as a sample for a while but ended up giving it away to a friend who saw it after I posted a photo of it on Facebook, after she said how much she liked it, I told her to come collect it and she was very happy to do so.

Skull Stool (Image - Far Right): This was another sample part I made, this time from solid walnut. Like the Twisted Leg Table I did this to learn more about the rotary axis. I used Aspire to unwrap a 3D model of a skull and then blended these together in the software to create the part for the central column. The chair shape was made using the 2-rail sweep modeling tool, as was the base which is contoured up to connect to the second level. This piece sits in my house and when people come by the shop, if I donít have anything in production that obviously shows what I do I bring this out to help explain.

Storage Cubes (Image - Right): This was a set of storage cubes for a babyís room. These were made from MDF, then sealed and painted. The client, who was actually one of the designers from Victoriaís Secret, saw something similar in a magazine and said ĎHey, can you build something like these?í she had some rough dimensioning of what she wanted and the size of the room and I just came up with what I could for her.

Parkview Sign (Image - Far Right): This is a neat sign, this thing turned out great, and itís all walnut. It looks like its metal, but I promise you itís all walnut; itís because itís so shiny with the finishing and the lighting that they set up for it. It was created for a high end condo building in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I used prism-carve lettering, and then lacquered it. I made a template on the CNC to create the positioning for the pins to mount the letters accurately on the wall which made installing them much easier.

Nested tables (Image - Right): This was a prototype for Victoriaís Secret, and believe it or not the thing actually pivots. The centre section has a joint which allow that table to spin around the center column. I created the large and middle size poles using the rotary axis and the plates that sit on the top were created from a 3D model using regular 3 axis rough and finish toolpaths. The majority of the project was made from maple, all except the ends at the bottom of each leg, they were made from MDF. This was one of those things where the designer had a little hand sketch on a piece of paper and said ĎHey, you think you can do this?í, he gave me some general dimensioning for the trays and heights and asked if I could make it pivotÖ so I did! These tables are used to put mannequins on to display the clothing in store.

With his eye for how to take something from idea to production, high quality finishing and rapid turn-around times, Nick's has taken his talent for carpentry and created a very successful business. With a full order sheet and work to keep him busy for some time into the future we wondered if Nick had thought about what might be next?

More of the same! I wouldnít change it; Iím really enjoying what I do. I guess one thing I will work towards is building more work space. Iíd love to have a larger finishing area and maybe a clean room for final assembly. One things for certain, I will always need more storage, you always need more storage.

We'd like to thank Nick for taking the time to sit down with us while he was visiting the UK and sharing his success story. We look forward to seeing how his use of Aspire continues to help him turn clients ideas into reality going forward. If you would like to read more about Nick's business and see lots more photos of his work then please visit his website at

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