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Wally Motloch brought along a very interesting set of projects to the 2015 Vectric User Group Meeting for everyone to enjoy. With a large selection of parts to view it was evident that Wally is not only creative but likes to push the software and techniques to create things he hasn’t seen before. Now retired (from designing prosthetics) at 71 years of age, Wally has swapped working on cross-word puzzles for a copy of Vectric's Aspire and decided to spend his spare time creating some mind-bending designs. Wally has always been a traditional craftsman but wanted a way to make his wood carvings and other projects look even better. Armed with a CNC Shark HD2, a belt sander, a huge selection of hand tools and a copy of Vectric’s Aspire his main aim now is to have as much fun creating things from wood as possible.

Since starting to use CNC technology Wally has found that his work has higher levels of precision and that he is able to produce work in a shorter amount of time, leaving more time for finishing – as you can see from the images below that is time well spent. As long as Wally can get his hands on some material, whether that be from scavenging it from the outdoors or ordering it online he says he will continue to create even more crazy and unconventional projects.

So you can get a taste of the projects Wally has created, we though it was only right that we showcased a gallery of his work below. Ranging from a 3D wooden version of his own face to a wooden knot, we are sure you will find something to get your creative juices flowing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Wally for taking the time out to provide us with pictures and some background to his work.




Oval Box, central portion inlay was done by cutting a block of wood 2 times and glueing lighter wood in a cross pattern. The inside and outside were carved on the CNC Machine. Matching lid-carved on CNC with wood filler simulating the inlay.


Wally's face carved from oak with Aspire software using an STL file from a face scan by Artec3D.



















Walnut wedges are laid out in preparation for the fabrication of the knot sculpture. Note the black mark on each wedge to indicate the lowest point needed for allignment of the curvature.


The shape of the knot was established by a 1/4" aluminum tube. Each wedge was slid down the tube, rotated and glued in place. After a lot of hand sanding the surfaces were blended and smoothened. The lower section and the base were fabricated on the CNC.




















3" by 3" coaster carved from African Blackwood.


Brazilian Walnut box decorated with square holes and wood filler.
















The coster and the box (above) show the diamond-shapped depression. When cut small and in dark wood the final outcome gives the illusion of square holes. With VCarve Pro one can create the "square holes" using a tappered bit. The Brazilian Walnut plate (below), top and bottom were carved on the CNC using a pattern found in a book called "DESIGNA" The simulated inlay is a mixture of two colors of wood filler.


Image Image

















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