Cut3D Case Studies

Cutting Custom Guitars with Cut3D

Read how father and son team Gary and Joel Marsh are using the combination of Cut3D & Cut2D to start a new business designing and CNC machining beautifully styled and crafted custom guitars.

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Caleb brings a concept car model sketch to life using Cut3D

Caleb Dawson is a product designer who has been using Cut3D and VCarve Pro for 2 years and 3 years respectively to help create three-dimensional prototypes of his consumer and furniture designs.

Caleb has found both pieces of Vectric software invaluable for speeding up the design process and shaving costs off getting his designs prototyped

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3D Carving on Taig Micro-mill

Dan Kautz, who has a long standing passion for CNC machining and runs In this brief case study Dan shows how he scaled the Cut3D - 3D leaf bowl carving shown to the right, so it could be milled on his CNC Taig Micro-Mill.

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