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Case Study - Unique Custom Carved Family Portraits

Click for larger imageThis case study shows how PhotoVCarve can quickly and easily carve prestigious pictures into wooden blanks that are worth $100+.

With the ever increasing demand for Custom carvings and personalized work, being able to carve stunning family portraits that will last for generations is a great way of using your CNC router.

A flat piece of 18" x 12" x 1/4" thick timber costing around $15 - $20, can be turned into a family treasure that looks beautiful and will last a life time!

Family, friends and work colleagues will all want pictures of their loved ones carved into permanent visible memories that won't fade or age.

The table below summarizes the approximate costs for materials, routing and finishing a decoratively carved picture panel, plus the estimated resale price you may be able to charge for the work.

Description   Time Costs
Matl: 18" x 12" x 0.25" wooden panel     $15 / £8
Design, Setup and CNC Machine   60 minutes $40 / £25
Finishing   5 minutes $2 / £1
  Total Costs   $57 / £34
  Customer Price   $150 / £80
  Gross Profit   $93 / £46

Unique, high quality pictures like this could easily be sold for $100+, paying for PhotoVCarve almost instantly!

Family 'Treasures' that will last a lifetime.

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