PhotoVCarve Case Studies

Machining Treasures & Gifts for Family, Friends & Customers

The PhotoVCarve section on the Vectric forum has been very busy with customers posting details about the wonderful lithophanes they are engraving as gifts and presents for friends and family.

A selection of projects can be seen by clicking on the link below.

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The ability to permanently CNC machine pictures onto wood, metal, stone and plastics etc. has been a challenge to many machine users. PhotoVCarve now opens the door to a whole new world of opportunities for all CNC machine users. From the hobbyists who build their own ‘home brew’ tables to professional engravers running high cost industrial machines, the software offers something for everyone.

Stunning pictures can be carved or engraved in minutes to make,

Signs, Personalized awards, plaques and gifts, Commemorative memorials,

3D Lithophanes that make ideal keepsakes and gifts,

Furniture such as door panels, table tops, fireplaces, Gifts, picture frames...

3D Lithophanes from photographs

Stunning keepsakes that will last forever

This case study explains how PhotoVCarve can be used to machine beautiful lithophanes / 3D pictures.

People are constantly looking for that 'Special gift' for a loved one, family and friends and a Lithophane or 3D picture is the perfect answer. The 3D lithophane is completely different to the usual printed photograph and is something that very few people will have seen. People are trully amazed by a lithophane that comes to life when lit from behind, and will last for generations giving untold pleasure to everyone who see's it.


Custom Carved Family Portraits

Unique carvings from your CNC Router

This case study shows how PhotoVCarve can quickly and easily carve prestigious pictures into wooden blanks that are worth $100+.

With the ever increasing demand for Custom carvings and personalized work, being able to carve stunning family portraits that will last for generations is a great way of using your CNC router.


Unique Plaques & Awards

Personalized designs in minutes!

This case study shows how PhotoVCarve can be used in conjunction with VCarve Pro to engrave prestigious awards and commemorative plaques that would typically be simply too costly to produce using conventional methods.

Adding a realistic persons face, building or animal to a brass plaque would normally require the input of a specialist artist or sculptor. PhotoVCarve now allows anyone with a CNC machine to do this type of work, regardless of their artistic talent, or lack of which is more often the case.


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