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Case Study - Profitable Kitchen Cabinet Doors

It's Time to Change!

The signmaking world is incredibly competitive, with many businesses offering the same old tired, low cost products. Wherever you look there's a sign maker or engraver offering products that simply can't realistically be produced profitably.

Running your CNC router with the VCarve Pro software gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, by supplying custom $200 signage and awards instead of $20 vinyl products.

Corporate Signage and Personalised Awards will usually offer an opportunity to charge premium rates, because the jobs are typically made from materials that appear expensive and present unique, personal and often emotional messages.

Increase the perceived value of your work by offering quality materials such as Corian, Plexiglass, Perspex, Slate, Marble and exclusive wood's like Mahogany, Cherry etc. Customers will pay more for the right product!

The table below summarises the approximate costs for materials and routing or engraving a Personalised Corporate Award, plus the estimated resale price you should be able to charge for the work.

Description   Time Costs
Slate 12" x 10" x ¼" thick     $20 / £10
Design, Setup and Engrave   30 minutes $20 / £10
Finishing   5 minutes $2 / £1
  Total Costs   $42 / £21
  Customer Price   $150 / £80
  Gross Profit   $108 / £59


It's very simple to see just how quickly this type of work will pay for the initial software investment. Especially if you consider that this type of customer will probably need multiple copies of the same award for presentation events etc.

Turn the customers logo into a prestigious award.
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