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Case Study - Profitable Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Is your CNC Router profitable enough?

This case study shows how the VCarve Pro software quickly and easily turns standard $25 run-of-the-mill cabinet doors into unique $75+ luxury interior fittings.  

With the ever increasing growth of the home DIY market and property developing being increasingly popular. The demand for 'custom made' furniture and cabinets is certainly good news for CNC machine owners.

The list price for a standard kitchen cabinet door in 19mm (¾") MDF or RTF is around $20 - $30. Simply adding unique decorative custom carvings to the doors and draws may add approximately 10 minutes per piece to route. Giving you the opportunity to sell finished products at 2, 3 or even 4 times the standard cost!  

The table below summarises the approximate costs for materials and routing a decoratively carved door, plus an estimated resale price you may be able to charge for the work.

Description   Time Costs
Matl: 400 x 550 x 19 door panel     $15 / £8
Design, Setup and CNC Machine   15 minutes $10 / £5
Finishing   5 minutes $2 / £1
  Total Costs   $27 / £14
  Customer Price   $80 / £40
  Gross Profit   $53 / £26

With custom kitchens typically having 10 or more doors, adding V-Carved decoration equates to over $500+ extra on the invoice. Therefore, the first job will pay for the software!

From decorative drawing to beautiful carved door
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