Case Study - VCarve Pro Helps Small CNC Business

Glenn Godbold – CNCGG on the Vectric Forum – is using VCarve Pro to turn designs off his customers business cards into stunning carved signs on his Techno isel CNC Router.

Glen scans the business card and imports the jpg image into VCarve Pro where he uses the auto-trace tool to create vectors. He then selects the vectors to cut, calculates and previews the toolpaths and runs the job on his router. The designs shown have been cut into Maple MDF plywood then stained natural and clear coat applied.

The signs are typically 3 to 4 feet long and only take about 35 min's to cut. Glenn says - "Cutting signs is so easy with VCarve Pro!"

Somebody spotted his first sign and asked him to make one for them – good news travels fast.

Glenn gets the maple MDF at Menards and Lowes, the large home improvement stores. He’s also tried working with oak and dark stain, but it all blends together with no contrast. Glenn thinks that cherry mdf should work well for this type of project.

Glenn is also making Corian Cutting Boards on his router and sells these at a local craft mall and craft fairs.

The boards are drawn in AutoCAD then he uses VCarve Pro to size, position, toolpath, preview and cut on his Techno router.

Glenn commented,

“The corian is from the RV company where I work. I used to run the cnc there and cut corian counter tops and they let me take the extra cutouts home. I have been collecting the blanks every day for almost three years! - I knew some day I would get a cnc router and my Techno works great with VCarve Pro! ”

“I used a satin finish paint I found at Lowes - but don’t use it on the cutting surface - and the corian cutting board sign also has a couple of coats of Minwax poly.”

Corian sample that Glenn uses to promote his cutting boards


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