Case Study - Esteemed Woodcrafts


Jim Darlas, owner of Esteemed Woodcrafts is a relative newcomer to the world of CNC machining,and recently purchased a CNCShark router that was supplied with VCarve Pro After his early success with the new CNC machine, Jim upgraded to VCarve Pro version 5.5 and is now carving really impressive projects.

After 26 years service in the US navy, Jim has retired and now owns and runs a successful woodshop specializing in shadow boxes carved with impressive navy rating insignias and designs.

After receiving his copy of VCarve Pro, Jim watched the video training tutorials and was soon testing out his new found skills. Adding engraved insignias and imagery to his custom pieces, as you can see from the photographs of his work on this page.


As a complete beginner to CNC Jim was amazed how quickly he was able to start creating great pieces and he contacted Vectric to say,

“I wanted to complement your company on the training tutorials that you have developed and placed on your web site, as well as the intuitive operations of your software."

"I have only been operating the program for one month and have been able to complete many products that look very professional and complement my existing products."

"You have reduced my learning curve considerably - Thank you ”

Looking forward to the future Jim continued;

“Thank you so much for your all your hard work. I am looking forward to honing my skills and learning even more about the software products, and getting more from the CNC router.”



"My clients are extremely happy”

Jim Darlas
Esteemed Woodcrafts


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