Bruce Shapiro - Motion Art & CNC

Enchanted by music, electronics and making things, this month’s customer case study is motion artist Bruce Shapiro.  Bruce, a former practising physician has now combined his passion for art with his scientific background to create innovative ways of bringing motion art to the masses. He has been kind enough to talk us through how he creates his world-famous Sisyphus table; but before we take a look at this we had to ask how he came to use CNC machining…

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James Patton - Design & Make

VCarve Pro user James Patton has discovered how the variety of ready-made, customizable projects over at Design & Make can really take your work to the next level.  Having been raised by a father who was a skilled woodworker, James was nurtured into learning his skills and is now a very passionate craftsman. Before we take a look at his work, we asked him about about his background and how CNC machining entered his hobby...

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Quilter Labs & Rami Jaffee

This month’s case study allows us to take a glimpse into the Rock and Roll world of Robert Becker, Chief Operations Officer at Quilter Laboratories, an American guitar amplifier company located in sunny southern California. Quilter Labs make a variety of amplifier models, from small heads to combo amps, all with the help of VCarve Pro. Recently though Robert had an opportunity to use the software to help customize a restoration he has completed for Rami Jaffee keyboardist for the Wallflowers. Click below to read more about the unusual instrument Robert worked on and also to watch a video of it in action.

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Maplestiltskins Haunted House

We had the pleasure of meeting Warren Andrews-Smith, also known as Maplestiltskin at this years UK Vectric User Group Meeting. He brought some really nice display pieces and also showed us images of some of the other excellent work he had produced with the help of his CNC and Vectric's VCarve Pro.

This months case-study not only show-cases some of his beautiful woodwork but also has the added bonus of including his Haunted House project which includes a detailed description of how it was made and also the design files to download...

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Locust Lane Woodworking

In this months case study we had the pleasure of talking to the father and son team Marty and Andy Hartman, also known as Locust Lane Woodworking. By fusing Andy's engineering skills with his fathers knowledge of wood they are now creating some very imaginative projects...

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The story of Claudio Pontes

The story for this month’s newsletter is from Claudio Pontes, a VCarve Pro user located in the city of Varginhas, south of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Still working as a Forest Engineer, Claudio has already mapped out the blueprint for his retirement plans; which of course involve CNC Machining. With a great story to tell and a huge amount of work to inspire you click the 'Read More' link below to read the full article...

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When Sound Meets CNC - Aaron Leedham

Meet Aaron Leedham, a specialist craftsman who creates bespoke audio systems for a diverse range of clientele. By manipulating materials such as softwood and hardwoods, MDF, acrylics and aluminum Aaron is able to craft modern and minimalist sound systems. The fusion of his passion and knowledge of audio systems with the technology of CNC routing and machining has enabled him to build pieces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but products that are constructed to deliver great sound quality. As Aaron describes his background we learn that he stumbled across CNC routing while researching how to further the creation of his more complex of designs.

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Roltgen Woodworks

For the month of Septemeber we focus on the craftmanship of Jeff Roltgen.

Jeff creates beautiful wooden furniture that manages to achieve the difficult task of being both classic design and also contemporary in appearance. To produce his tailored “heirloom” pieces for his clients, Jeff combines his traditional woodworking skills with the benefits of CNC technology and Vectric’s VCarve Pro software.

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Smith's CNC Service

For this month's case study we got in touch with Scott Smith, a professional carpenter and self-branded 'gun for hire in the CNC world'. Scott has utilized the power of CNC and Vectric software for many years to help create a number of projects, both large scale and small. He has gone on to build an enviable resume by working on a variety of high profile Movies and TV series including Unstoppable, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Don't Back Down, The Next Three Days, Alex Cross, One for the Money and many more. Scott has also completed many other projects such as theatre and event staging, signage and general/hobbyist pieces.

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Six Months of CNC

For this month’s case study, we got in touch with Karen Walmsley, a professional woodworker & business owner, and her partner Wade Lasister, a retired Army Medic with a strong construction background. We wanted to learn more about their first 6 months using CNC technology.

The couple, from Leesville, Louisiana, start by explaining why they decided to explore CNC as a business opportunity, then go on to discuss a number of projects they have created using their Shark CNC Router and Vectric’s VCarve Pro software...

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Six Months of CNC

Welcome Sign

In this case study, Dave W, a manual machinist by trade, begins by telling us how he developed his skills with CNC technology and why he decided to purchase Vectric software. Further into the article Dave demonstrates the design, toolpathing and machining processes that he used when creating the Welcome Sign and shares with us his finishing techniques and a video of his CNC in action...

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SPalm Creative Hobbyist

For this month's case study we talked to Steve Palm, a hobbyist CNC woodworker from Columbia, Maryland, to learn more about some of the projects he has built with his homemade CNC.

Steve explained to us why he started out in CNC, his general approach to design and machining and how Vectric software has helped enhance his projects over the past 6 years. Steve was also kind enough to provide downloadable .crv files for one of his projects - the dowel hinged jewelry box.

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In this case study we talk to Rob Bell, Founder of Zomadic, a design/build company that focusses on the creative use of CNC.

We learn more about how Rob first discovered 'Zome' architecture, his approach to building these fascinating buildings and how VCarve Pro has been an invaluable tool in supporting his production. We also get to see a selection of his previous projects and a sneak peek of his ambitious 2012 design - 'The Two Trees of Zonotopia'.

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Speciality Bolts

Chris Welch is a hobbyist CNC woodworker who has been using Vectric software for the past 2 years. He has created a variety of projects that you may have seen posted on the Vectric forum, such as a Specialty Bolts sign he produced whilst experimenting with 3D machining.

We got in touch with Chris to learn more about this project and how he utilized VCarve Pro & Cut3D to create the final piece.

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Custom Fly Boxes

Darren Matthews from the Midlands region of the United Kingdom recently set up his first CNC workshop at his house. One of his first projects was a batch of custom fly-fishing boxes.

In this case study Darren provides detailed descriptions of his techniques as well as reference files to help you use this as a base to create your own version.

"Even having reviewed many other software packages I would definitely recommend Vectric software, it is so easy to use I could not see myself using anything else."

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Custom Boat Table with Diamond Inlay

Despite pushing to use a CNC router at work for the past 15 years, Chief Engineer, Peter Smith, could never persuade management to buy one. Finally, about 12 months ago, Peter decided to buy himself a used Shopbot with Partworks (VCarve Pro) and start his own company on the side.

"This was our first foray into cutting anything like this. The accuracy of the software, and the ease of using it, made the whole project a success."

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Simple Acrylic Light Panel and LED Light Base

David Glasco, a construction-engineer by day, and passionate hobbyist woodworker by night, has been kind enough to guide us through his method of carving decorative designs into acrylic, then using edge lighting to create a very visually appealing piece of art.

"The acrylic panel is in truth fairly simple for just about anyone to make and a nice gift for any occasion. Overall, the Vectric software made design and fabrication of this project very simple."

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ECK Designs, VCarve Pro Signmakers

After discovering Edward Eck's work in a popular sign magazine, Vectric were eager to learn more about his company ECK Designs. In this case study we see how Edwards business has grown over the years, creating magnificent signage, and gaining an enviable reputation using Vectric's VCarve Pro software exclusively for their production.

"This software has allowed us to produce just about anything I need. From standard VCarved signs, to textured backgrounds, and custom cut letters and logos for interior applications."

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View ECK Designs, VCarve Pro Signmakers Case Study

Precision Turntable

George Widman manufactures high precision turntables on his ShopBot CNC machine and he was kind enough to share his experience in using VCarve Pro to build his business and help bring his customers' old vinyl collections back to life.

George has over 25 years experience with CAD and computer graphics programs and has always been interested in creatively thinking how to use the latest programs and technology to achieve design excellence.

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Taking flight with VCarve Pro!

Shannon runs a successful custom CNC routing service by day, but in his off time he uses his CNC machine to tackle various personal projects. In fact after soon learning the CNC basics Shannon decided to take on a very ambitious project; to machine and build a form of light aircraft called a CriCri. Shannon agreed to share his reasons to take on the project and his experiences in using Vectric software to tackle this project.

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Giving Signs Added Dimension and Reducing Contracted CNC costs

Daniel Gervais who now runs a successful dimensional sign workshop in Saint-Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec Canada, describes how VCarve Pro allowed him increase his dimensional signmaking services and reduce costs by avoiding the use of external CNC contract services.

“For the first three years I was getting all the routing done by a local cnc workshop. After downloading the trial version I simulated many of my designs and quickly learned the machining process. Since buying VCarve Pro my cnc router has probably paid for itself at least three times.”

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US Air Force Turn to VCarve Pro for Special Projects!

Kelly Watkins, the supervisor over ‘Aircraft Metals Technology’ division on a US Air Force Base in Louisiana, contacted us to let us know of a couple interesting early projects, following a recent purchase of VCarve Pro.

“The 8th AirForce asked us to build a shield to present to the RAF for appreciation of their service.”

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Esteemed Woodcrafts

Jim Darlas, owner of Esteemed Woodcrafts, is a relative newcomer to the world of CNC machining and the Vectric software products. Read how after only a short time with VCarve Pro he is carving a range of very impressive naval themed projects.

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Bank Sign

Doug Strickland uses VCarve Pro to design custom signs that he cuts on his ShopBot Router. In this case study Doug describes the process he went through to design, route, deliver and commission a set of signs for a local bank.

This step-by-step case study explains how the sign was designed and routed and installed

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3D Church Sign

Tim Hornshaw of Hornshaw Wood Works, describes how he used VCarve Pro to create a beautiful 3D wooden sign for his local Baptist church.

This step-by-step case study explains how the sign was designed and routed.

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VCarve Pro makes it easy for Small CNC Business

Glenn Godbold – CNCGG on the Vectric Forum – is using VCarve Pro to turn his customers business cards into stunning carved signs on his Techno isel CNC Router. Glenn commented,

"Cutting signs is so easy with VCarve Pro!"

Glenn scans the business card then imports the jpg image into VCarve Pro where he uses the auto-trace tool to create vectors. He then calculates toolpaths and carves the signs on his CNC router.

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Carving 3D V-Inlay Plates with Cut3D and VCarve Pro

Tim Hornshaw and his wife live and work in Holland, Michigan. After fifteen years of design engineering for Aerospace and Automotive companies, he decided to return to his first love, woodworking and setup his own business - Hornshaw Wood Works.

His mission was to produce high quality, low cost wooden products using his experience in design engineering coupled with the latest CNC woodworking technologies and software.

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In at the Deep End with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

In the spring of 2006 Paul Zank checked his voicemail and found a message from Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  (Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is a prime time television show on the ABC network in the US.) 

“Hi Paul. This is Ty Pennington and I was wondering if you would ....” Ty had a pair of interior doors to his “SECRET PROJECT” that needed to be carved.

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VCarve Pro has been developed to make complicated 3D V-Carving, also known as Intaglio or 3D Engrave, as simple as possible, allowing anyone with a CNC machine to quickly and easily incorporate beautiful, decorative carved designs into their own products. VCarve Pro instantly converts flat designs into 3D toolpaths that can be cut into products such as,

Kitchen cabinet doors, Restaurant signs and menus, Corporate gifts such as key rings, place mats & picture frames, Personalised house signs, Carved & gilded or gold-leafed signage, Stone architectural pieces etc.

The list of applications and opportunities is endless, allowing you to offer new and more profitable product lines and services to your customers.

Other Case Studies

Precision Carving with VCarve Pro

VCarve Pro is used to create a centre piece for the Island of Guernsey's Royal Court - A beautifully carved set of framed panels recording the complete history of the Jurats.

This case study highlights how, by investing in VCarve Pro, the company, Guernsey Woodcarvers have been able to take on larger, more complex projects whilst staying cost efficient and returning a healthy profit.


Profitable Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Is your CNC Router profitable enough?

This case study shows how the VCarve Pro software quickly and easily turns standard $25 run-of-the-mill cabinet doors into unique $75+ luxury interior fittings.


Unique Custom Signage and Awards

It's Time to Change!

The signmaking world is incredibly competitive, with many businesses offering the same old tired, low cost products. Wherever you look there's a sign maker or engraver offering products that simply can't realistically be produced profitably.

Running your CNC router with the VCarve Pro software gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, by supplying custom $200 signage and awards instead of  $20 vinyl products.


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