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Vectric is very pleased announce the release of VCarve Pro Version 4.0. Version 4.0 includes new and improved design, layout and machining functionality. Extending the superb decorative carving abilities of version 3 by adding industrial strength production capabilities and providing all the tools and flexibility demanded by commercial shops and users while remaining incredibly easy to use.

  • Image Tracing / Vectorization - Import and Machine raster images in seconds
  • Powerful Profile & Raster Machining options - Reduced cutter wear & improved edge quality
  • New Drawing and Layout Tools - More flexibility with Layers, Wrap Text to Curve
  • Import Cut3D designs - Combine 2D & 3D projects to make fantastic products
  • New Engraving Strategies and Single Stroke Fonts - Quick and efficient engraving

    Plus much, much more...

For more information about Version 4.0 visit the New Vectric Web site >

The New Trial Version of VCarve Pro 4 can be downloaded using the link below that will avoid you having to re-submit your details.

Download the New VCarve Pro 4 Trial >

Please note that the price of VCarve Pro will be raised to US599 / €450 / £299 from the 1st August.


Feedback From Customers Who Are Using Version 4.

Paul Krebs at Engraved Timber Signs, Australia is running Version 4.0 and commented,

"VCarve Pro Version 4 has made a good program GREAT!! I love the bitmap to vector tracing - the best I've used! The new toolpath & drawing tools will save me a lot of work. Thank You for such a Fantastic Product!"

Roger Norton, Mico Engineering, Canada commented,

"I cut large quantities off parts from aluminum and plastic and the new machining options in Version 4 have significantly reduced the production times - Saving me hours!"

"The toolpath quality from VCarve Pro 4 is excellent and means I no longer use the 'other' CNC software products I own"

"Thank you for a Great Upgrade!"

Carving by Tim Merrill

Recent VCarve Pro 4 Project


Magnus Bondesson owner of Designs by Bond in Sweden has been using Carve Pro to engrave unique, high quality signs and components for his clients. He recently upgraded to version 4 and used the new software to design and carve this stunning Commemorative Wedding Plaque for family friends. Version 4.0 allowed him to combine 3D toolpaths from Cut3D inside a decorative frame designed in VCarve Pro that included raised engraved text, pocketing and profile cut out toolpaths.

Magnus commented,

"VCarve Pro 4 now gives me the freedom to turn my ideas into truly fantastic pieces that people love. The 3D preview shows me exactly what the machine will make and it really is very easy."

If you have any questions about VCarve Pro 4.0 please email us at

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the Vectric software products.

The Vectric Team

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