Cut2D - New Affordable 2D CNC Machining Software

New 2D DXF / Design to GCode software released!

Vectric Ltd, the creators of VCarve Pro, PhotoVCarve and Cut3D are very pleased to announce the release of Cut2D - new and very affordable 2D machining software.

Cut2D is a CNC toolpath engine that's been developed to easily convert drawings & designs into high quality CNC toolpaths.


  • Affordable and easy to use software - $149 / €125 / £85

  • Machines most 2D design formats - DXF, eps, ai, pdf

  • Automatic cutter diameter compensation ensures toolpaths cut accurately to the required size!

  • Pocket, Profile and Drilling toolpath options

  • Interactive Tab / Bridges for easy part holding
    Added to Cut2D after feedback from new customers

  • High quality colour shaded 3D Toolpath Preview

  • Postprocessor's for virtually all CNC machines

  • Built on Vectric's world class VCarve Pro technology!

    Download the Free Trial Version >


Cut2D also includes easy to use tools for fixing, sizing, positioning and editing designs ready for cutting. For more details about the functionality in Cut2D visit the new updated Vectric web site.

Wes Spence and his son Mike are making scale model RC car components using Cut2D on an SIEG SX3 CNC Mill with Mach3. Wes commented,

“I’m using Cut2D to machine radio controlled models drawn by my son and the results off the mill are great!"

"The software is very easy to use and the 3D toolpath preview provides an in-depth visualization of the machining process and the finished parts before running the machine.”

Jeff Arnett is the owner of Wood Time Inc. and he's been cutting clock parts with Cut2D on his home built CNC router. Jeff commented,

"Cut2D is very simple to use, amazingly fast at calculating toolpaths for even my most complex parts and the CNC toolpath files run perfectly on my machine."

"Cut2D has all the functionality I need at a price I can afford and gets the job done perfectly!"

Cut2D and VCarve Pro are now available in French, German, Italian & Spanish language versions.

Email for French version Email for German version Email for Italian version Email for Spanish version

Test Cut2D for yourself by downloading the Free Fully Functional Trial version and cut the free evaluation designs on your own CNC machine. This version will also open your own drawings and designs, calculate toolpaths create stunning 3D preview images but does not save toolpaths for these files.

If you have any questions or require more information about Cut2D please email us -

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