Issue 7- April 2009

Vectric is very pleased to announce the release of
VCarve Pro 5 and Aspire 2

Take a look at What's New

These are major new and exciting releases of both products with new design and machining tools that make the software even more powerful, flexible and productive.

The development focus for Aspire 2 and VCarve Pro 5 has been to produce powerful software solutions that meet the requirements of commercial CNC machine shop owners.

Tracy Norris, owner of Pegasus Woodcraft

"Just when I thought VCarve Pro and Aspire couldn't get any better, Vectric comes along and hits the ball out of the park!"

"Great Job!"

Upgrade Your Software License

If you would like to upgrade to VCarve Pro version 5 or Aspire 2 please email your Registered Username to Vectric using the links below.

Upgrade to VCarve Pro 5
Upgrade to Aspire 2

$150 >
$1,450 >

New Features

  • True Shape Nesting
  • Raised 3D Prism Machining
  • Auto-Inlay Toolpaths
  • Multi-colored 3D Toolpath Preview
  • Fluting Toolpaths
  • 2 Tool Pocketing
  • Open / Import 2D DWG files
  • 3D Model Slicing*
  • Improved Interactive Sculpting*
  • Dog-Bone and T-Bone corner filleting
  • Vector Arc fitting and Node Reduction
  • Save 3D model a 2D Grayscale image*
  • Plus many more enhancements

* Aspire only

Please note that the new versions of the software no longer run on Windows 98. For more details about the recommended hardware specifications click here >

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