Issue 9 - January 2010

Aspire 2.5 and VCarve Pro 5.5 - Now Available!

Vectric are very pleased to announce the release of Aspire 2.5 and VCarve Pro 5.5. These new releases include Interactive Scissor Trimming, Wrapped Rotary toolpaths, Configurable Interface options and many more useful tools. For more information click here >

All Aspire customers have received a free upgrade to version 2.5 and the upgrade to VCarve Pro 5.5 is free for all customers running version 5.0. For information on how to upgrade click here >

Aspire V2.5 VCarve Pro 5.5

The new versions of Aspire and VCarve Pro are also now available as German, Italian & Spanish language options - English Help & Tutorials.

Email for German version Email for Italian version Email for Spanish version

Aspire 2.5 and Vcarve Pro 5.5

Download the New Trial Versions

2009 Vectric User Group Meetings

The User Group Meetings in Pittsburgh and Dallas were both sell-outs!

We had a great time meeting customers and putting faces to names and Forum avatars was a real pleasure. Seeing the fantastic work customers are doing with the software was inspiring.

A Training DVD based on the materials presented at the 2 meetings can be purchased from the web site. Click here for more details >

Vectric User Forum

With over 50,000 posts and 3,000+ members the User Forum is a fantastic knowledge base and resource for CNC machine users. If you have a question or are looking for advice there’s probably someone on the Forum who has an answer or can point you in the right direction.

The Forum is a great place to share CNC machining information and not just discuss the software. Click here to visit the Forum >

Vectric User Forum

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