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"Tuscan Grape Clock" - This Month's FREE Vectric Project

View Tuscan Grape Clock ProjectBring a little 'fruit of the vine' into your home with this decorative and functional project for Aspire 3 owners! The Tuscan Grape Clock project was inspired by the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy.

Created by Michael Tyler for Vectric, all Projects come complete with a detailed PDF tutorial covering every step from choosing your material to final finishing.

View Tuscan Grape Clock Project View Tuscan Grape Clock Project View Tuscan Grape Clock Project View Tuscan Grape Clock Project

Click Here to view all available files for this project.

What's New in Aspire 3:

What's New in Aspire - Modeling ToolsWhat's New in Aspire 3

Feedback from Aspire 3 customers has been excellent with many commenting on how much easier the new version is to use and learn.

Discover how the new modeling tools added to Aspire 3 are making the software even more powerful, flexible and easier to use. Click Here >


Case Studies:

Nice Carvings Company Case StudyNice Carvings
Growing from strength to strength with Aspire

Vectric have worked together with Melissa Jones of Nice Carvings to bring you this engaging case study, demonstrating how influential Vectric's Aspire software has been, and continues to be, in the success of Nice Carvings since their adoption of CNC. Read More >


Precision Turntable
Precision TurntablePrecision Sounds with VCarve Pro!

George Widman manufactures high precision turntables on his ShopBot CNC machine and he was kind enough to share his experience in using VCarve Pro to build his business and help bring his customers' old vinyl collections back to life. Read More >



Upcoming Events:

AWFS 2011

You will find Vectric Ltd exhibiting at this years AWFS Fair at Booth Number 4746 alongside VectorArt3D. We're looking forward to meeting everyone there, so be sure to stop by our stand and say hi.

AWFS offers a once in two years opportunity to get what you need to stay strong in today's changing marketplace. Immerse yourself in the best that woodworking has to offer: business-building solutions, the next-generation technology and critical knowledge targeted specifically to the needs of your business and your career.


User Showcase:

'The Paradise Box' User Showcase
Paradise Box - Vectric's Free Project - March 2011"Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your project with us...", johnnydoughey

After announcing last months free project, the Vectric Community were overly impressed by the creativity that Michael Tyler had put into the 'Paradise Box' for Aspire v3 and VCarve Pro v6 users alike.

We've been delighted by the feedback this project has received, and we have taken a selection of images from the Vectric Forum to showcase what some of the forum users have gone on to produce.

Read More >


Horse Farm Sign
Horse Farm Sign"I am using Aspire so I can use bitmaps to create components and edit them to my liking."

Forum user Glen Peterson 'glenner', has created a textured sign for Hamilton Stables, cut from 15lb Duna Corafoam HDU measuring 26" x 40" cut 0.7" deep.

The post sees Glen explain what machine bits were used, finishing techniques adopted and imagery of the finished sign.

Read More >


Gothic Furniture Parts
Gothic Furniture Parts"I know people are always looking for ideas to bring in a little money, and this would be an excellent example of what could be done."

In this forum post, user Tim Merrill showcases a unique project explaining the creation of Gothic Furniture parts for a local furniture shop to be used within a castle.

As usual, Tim's forum posts offer great conversation, as well as tips and tricks, and fantastic imagery for your enjoyment.

Read More >

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