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Valentines Day Project"You've Captured My Heart"
Vectric's FREE Valentines Day Project

After a fantastic response to the free Valentines Day project (created by Michael Tyler for Vectric), it appears that many customers have managed to make up for all those hours spent mumbling about feedrates and tool geometry by creating their long-suffering partners and loved-ones a unique Valentines Day gift!

Brian Moran - You've Captured My Heart CNC Vectric User mtylerfl - You've Captured My Heart CNC Vectric User zeeway - You've Captured My Heart CNC Vectric User myshadowboxes - You've Captured My Heart CNC

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Aspire Case Study
Grand Geneva Wall ClockGrand Geneva Wall Clock with a scroll saw pattern

After retiring, Joz Britz decided to set up and run a woodworking shop from his home in South Africa. His focus was to produce high-end corporate gifts in solid wood.

In this case study, Joz demonstrates how he used Aspire to design and cut a Grand Geneva wall clock with a scroll saw pattern and how he was able to visualise the finished piece before manufacture by utilizing Aspire's capabilities. Read More >

Aspire Case Study
Aspire Orrery, Machining the Solar SystemMachining the Solar System

After studying Physics and Maths at college, Gary Liming has spent his professional life in the software industry. However, his personal interest in astronomy has led him to create a rather special mechanical device using the Aspire software.

Shortly after finishing the CNC machine, Gary found a page from an 18th century book about an orrery, and thought that it would make a nice feature for his library. Read More >

VCarve Pro Case Study
CriCriTaking flight with VCarve Pro!

Shannon Walls runs a successful, custom CNC routing service by day, but in his spare time he uses his CNC machine to tackle various personal projects. In fact, soon after learning the CNC basics, Shannon decided to take on a very ambitious project; to machine and build a form of light aircraft called a CriCri. Shannon agreed to share his reasons for taking on the challenge and his experiences in using Vectric software. Read More >

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