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Vectric Invests its Sales Success

Vectric's New Victorian Offices Since last year's presentation of the Queens Award for Enterprise, Vectric's sales have grown by more than 30%. This continued success has allowed us to invest significantly in our business, and June 2011 is shaping up to be a momentous month for the company.

We will start with our move to The Coach House, a beautifully restored Victorian building not far from our current office. With delightful countryside views and accommodation over three floors, the new building means that we can now add to our small and highly motivated team in key areas.

Vectric Acquires Vector Art 3D

It is also with great pleasure that we can now announce that Vectric will be acquiring Vector Art 3D ( later in the year which will see Vector Art 3D re-locate to the new UK offices.

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Vectricians at Maker Faire 2011:

Vectric Team at Maker Faire San FranciscoBrian, James and Edward had the fantastic opportunity to attend the San Francisco Maker Faire ( this year as representatives of Vectric on the Shopbot stand.

We wanted to show something technically interesting and in keeping with the ethos of the Maker community so, in just two weeks, we put together a booth based around a $150 Xbox Kinect scanner and a customized development build of Aspire. Read More >


Case Studies:

ECK Designs - VCarve Pro SignmakersECK Designs - VCarve Pro Signmakers
"This software has allowed us to produce just about anything I need. From standard VCarved signs, to textured backgrounds, and custom cut letters and logos for interior applications."

After discovering Edward Eck's work in a popular sign magazine, Vectric were eager to learn more about his company ECK Designs. In this case study we see how Edwards business has grown over the years, creating magnificent signage, and gaining an enviable reputation using Vectric's VCarve Pro software exclusively for their production. Read More >


Click here to view Al's Tiger Tank ProjectTiger Tank Project
"Just to show that Aspire can do more then just signs, box's or cute engravings. The following pictures show what else Aspire can do!"

Al Johnston, a retired hobbyist with over 20 years experience in manufacturing & assembly in a metal production plant, has taken on the ambitious project of producing a replica German TIGER Early model tank at 1/6th scale. Al's research & desire to prove this can be done using Aspire is to be admired in this progessive case study. Read More >


Wildlife Stairway Carved with WildlifeStairway Carved with Wildlife and Scenery
"Living in the Canadian north, the scenery and the animals were something that I always wanted to combine into my work."

Al Foster was approached by a couple who had recently seen some 3D carvings he had produced at a local craft fair. They asked Al if he would be interested in making a series of 36 panels for the stairway and balcony rails in their house, that would incorporate a northern theme of animals and sceney, to which he gladly accepted. This case study documents Al's work throughout this project, and his transition into 3D modeling & machining. Read More >


Upcoming Events:

AWFS 2011

You will find Vectric Ltd exhibiting at this years AWFS Fair at Booth Number 4746 alongside VectorArt3D. We're looking forward to meeting everyone there, so be sure to stop by our stand and say hi.

AWFS offers a once in two years opportunity to get what you need to stay strong in today's changing marketplace. Immerse yourself in the best that woodworking has to offer—business-building solutions, the next-generation technology and critical knowledge targeted specifically to the needs of your business and your career.

User Showcase:

'Polished Brass Intercom' User Showcase
Polished Brass Intercom"I spent thousands of euros over the years to find out what bits, speeds etc are needed for the materials i work with.", altersack

After joining the Vectric Forum, user altersack was proud to post a wonderful polished brass intercom, and mail panel set. With a lot of users eager to learn more about how to perfect polished brass projects, altersack was kind enough to enlighten the forum users with any information he could about this project.

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'Retirement Air Force Flag Case' User Showcase
Air Force Flag Case Retirement Gift"Being a Metal Worker (Machinist and Welder) as some of you know by now due to my previous posts, this is my most indepth woodworking that I have done.", laconcepts

User laconcepts recently designed and machined an Air Force Flag Case as a retirement gift for a close friend. Cut out of maple wood, with the display portion being stained, laconcepts added some VCarving, pocketing and some Aluminum diamond plate for an eye catching finishing result.

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