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Free Project - Bread Box

This month's free project is a customizable Bread Box with hinged door panel. Available free to all Aspire 3.5 & Aspire 4 users.


This decorative but functional item helps to keep your bread from going stale and will make a great addition to any counter-top.


The assembled project measures approximately 16.5" W x 13 " D x 8.25 " H


Click here to view the FREE Project of the Month


Note: Aspire 3 users can upgrade to Aspire 3.5 for free. Click Here for more information.


Aspire 4 Release

We are very pleased to announce the initial release of Aspire version 4, for existing Aspire customers. The new software includes many enhancements and completely new features across all areas of the software. The new feature-set is designed to add more flexibility when creating decorative parts with your CNC and make the program even easier to use. You can access a summary of all the new functionality, read a detailed "What's New" document and watch overview videos on the new features on this page.


Initially the software is only available as a download for existing Aspire customers who are entitled to a free upgrade or to customers who purchase an upgrade from an older version of Aspire. All Aspire customers have been sent an email to let them know the upgrade is available; this included information on how to download the new version or purchase the upgrade. The upgrade cost from any older license of Aspire is US$400. If you have a licensed copy of Aspire and have not received an email from Vectric then please send an email to sales@vectric.com from the email address that the software was registered to.


Over the next 2-3 weeks we will be completing the production of the installation disks which will contain over 30 hours of newly recorded tutorial material as well as a significantly increased number of 3D clipart models. Once these become available we will make another announcement and start shipping the disks to everyone who is entitled to Aspire V4.


Aspire 4 - Released for existing customers

Aspire 4 - Released for existing customersVCarve Pro 7 - Coming Soon

We are hoping to release VCarve Pro 7 by the end of March 2013. All VCarve Pro customers will receive an email from Vectric on either how to upgrade for free or with information on purchasing an upgrade.


For the purposes of calculating who is entitled to a free upgrade, we are going to back-date the official cut-off to January 1st, 2013. This means any customers who bought VCarve Pro new in 2012 (or upgraded from Cut2D) will receive the new version at no additional charge. Anyone who upgraded from an older version of VCP to VCP 6.5 after September 1st, 2012 will also be entitled to a free upgrade.


As soon as the new version is available, those customers who are not eligible for a free upgrade will be able to purchase one through the Vectric Online Store. The cost for the upgrade will remain at $150 for existing VCarve Pro customers and be unchanged from our current pricing for upgrades from Cut2D.

User Forum Showcase

Pub Sign

Media Centre

Marble Top Table


Pub Sign - Vectric Forum Post


Pub Sign - Vectric Forum Post

Media Center - Vectric Forum Post


Media Center - Vectric Forum Post

Marble Top Table - Vectric Forum Post


Marble Top Table - Vectric Forum Post

Workbench- Vectric Forum Post


Workbench- Vectric Forum Post

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