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Free Project - Shoe Cubby

This handy Shoe Cubby makes an attractive and useful accessory for your home entrance area, a bedroom or anywhere you need to stow shoes! It can be configured as a 2-tier or 3-tiered unit, depending upon your needs (the 3-tier version has a top storage area for smaller, youngster-sized shoes).


The 2-tiered finished dimensions are:
9.25 " Deep x 28 " Wide x 15 " Tall.

The 3-tiered finished dimensions are:
9.25 " Deep x 28 " Wide x 19.5 " Tall


Click here to view the FREE Project of the Month


Please Note: This month's project is compatible with VCarve Pro 6.5 and Aspire 3.5 and higher. Future projects will only be compatible with Aspire 4.0 and where applicable VCarve Pro 7.0.


VCarve Pro 7- Now Available

We are delighted to announce that we have now started the release process for VCarve Pro V7.0. All registered VCarve Pro customers have been sent an email with details of the upgrade.


If you bought VCarve Pro after the 1st January 2012 or purchased an upgrade from an older version after 1st September 2012, this will be a free upgrade and your email will contain your new license code and a unique link to allow you to download your upgrade.


If you do not qualify for a free upgrade, your email will include a link allowing you to purchase the upgrade to V7 for $150. This price applies regardless of the current version of VCarve Pro you own, so people with for example Version 3, can still upgrade to Version 7 for $150.


If you are contemplating the upgrade to Aspire, you can upgrade from any version of VCarve Pro to Aspire 4.0 for $1445. Aspire 4.0 contains all the enhancements included in V7.0 plus all of Aspire's 3D modeling and machining capabilities.


Click Here to view a summary of the new features in Version 7 is available here: /products/vcp/whats-new/v7/overview.html along with access to a more detailed "What's New" PDF document.


More than 17 hours of newly recorded tutorial material and associated files are available on the website along with a download for 100+ free 2D clip art outlines. These can all be accessed from this page: http://support.vectric.com/training-material/vcarve-pro


All new customers for VCarve Pro will now receive version 7.0. For those wishing to try out the new features, you can download the Trial Version here: /products/vcp/trial.html

Aspire 4 - Disks Shipping

Last month we announced the initial download release of Aspire 4. We are pleased to be able to confirm that the installation disks are now available for this new version. Over the last week the disks have been shipped to everyone entitled to a free upgrade and to all those who have paid for the latest version. We know some customers have received their disks already but many more are still in transit. If you still do not have a disk by the 15th April then please contact sales@vectric.com to let us know you have not received it.


There is over 35 hours of newly recorded tutorial material on the disks and some of this is now viewable on the website here: http://support.vectric.com/training-material/aspire


All new customers for Aspire will now receive version 4.0. For those wishing to take a look at the new features, you can download the Trial Version here: /products/aspire/trial.html


Important Technical Information


There are a few new additions that were made just before we started shipping the Aspire disks that we would like to make everyone aware of:


Alignment Icons - The Aspire software version on the disks (V4.012) allows you to display all the Alignment icons on the Drawing Tab - you can read about how to do that in this FAQ: http://support.vectric.com/aspire-questions/item/how-do-i-display-all-the-alignment-icons-on-the-drawing-tab?category_id=18


Video Tutorial Browser - An option was added to the installation disk to allow you to install the video tutorials and a Tutorial Browser to access the videos and associated files to your hard drive. You can get more details in this FAQ: http://support.vectric.com/aspire-questions/item/how-do-i-access-installed-video-tutorials?category_id=18


Accessing Installed Clip Art - Another new option offered on the installation disks was to install the Clip Art from the DVD onto your hard drive. This FAQ has information on how you can access this data if you choose this option: http://support.vectric.com/aspire-questions/item/how-can-i-access-the-installed-clip-art-from-aspire-v40

Vectric User Group 2013

For this year's User Group meeting we have decided to return to Las Vegas. The venue will be the same hotel we used for the 2011 meeting. The meeting will follow a similar format to previous years being held over two days; Friday 4th and Saturday 5th October, 2013. You can read more and book a place by following the link to the forum announcement by Clicking Here.


We will make a more formal announcement about the meeting next month and also publish a provisional agenda. Once again we aim to make this meeting as productive as possible and look forward to seeing you in October.

User Forum Showcase

Weave on a Bowl Edge

Butcher Shop Sign

Copper House Sign

Weave on a Bowl Edge - Vectric Forum Post


Weave on a Bowl Edge - Vectric Forum Post

Butcher Shop Sign - Vectric Forum Post


Butcher Shop Sign - Vectric Forum Post

Copper House Sign - Vectric Forum Post


Copper House Sign - Vectric Forum Post

Fish Bird House

Pyramid Treasure Box

Small Plaque

Fish Bird House - Vectric Forum Post


Fish Bird House - Vectric Forum Post

Pyramid Treasure Box - Vectric Forum Post


Pyramid Treasure Box - Vectric Forum Post

Small Plaque - Vectric Forum Post


Small Plaque - Vectric Forum Post

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