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Project of the Month

Unfortunately we don't have a Project of the Month for April but normal service will be resumed for next month's newsletter.


Within the next two weeks we will be making the files available to cut the Love Spoon that James presented at the 'Aspire Camp'. These will be posted on the Vectric Labs Blog site once they're complete - www.vectric.com/labs.

Love Spoon files will be available within the next two weeks!

Six Months of CNC

For this month's case study we got in touch with Karen Walmsley and her partner Wade Lasister to learn more about their first six months using CNC technology.


In the article we discover why the couple decided to invest in a CNC Shark Router & Vectric's VCarve Pro software. We then learn more about the approach they took when training themselves to use the technology and showcase a variety of projects they've go on to create using their newly found skills.


Click here to view the FREE Project of the Month

Vectric Gadgets Site

Aspire 4 and VCarve Pro 7 Releases

We received some great feedback on the new versions of the software at the 'Aspire Camp' last month (see below for more information on the meeting). If you have not yet checked out the new features or downloaded the trial version, you can access information on these topics by following the links below.


VCarve Pro 7.0 - Click Here

Aspire V4.0 - Click Here


The trial version download and updated training videos can be accessed by following the links to the appropriate product from this page on the website: https://support.vectric.com/training-material

Aspire 4

VCarve Pro 7

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Aspire 4.0 customers

Most customers who were entitled to, or upgraded to Aspire 4.0 should now have received a set of disks. If you have NOT yet received them, please contact sales@vectric.com so we can confirm your shipping information and follow up on delivery.

If you downloaded the software when it was first released then it's very important that once you receive your Aspire 4.0 disks that you install the version of the software that is on the disks. If you are not sure which version of the software you are running, you can click on "Help" - "About Aspire" from the drop-down menu at the top of the software interface to check this. If you are not running Aspire 4.012 then you need to ensure that you install the version from the disks. This version had some final changes to the software and is also required to run Gadgets with Aspire.


The new home for Vectric Gadgets has now been launched. You can access and download Gadgets for VCarve Pro 7.0 and Aspire 4.0 by visiting the dedicated website here: https://gadgets.vectric.com/
Over the coming months we hope to grow the content on the site to add information for Gadget developers and provide news of new Gadgets.

Vectric Gadgets Site

Vectric User Group Meeting 2013

As previously announced, this year's User Group meeting will take place in Las Vegas on the 4th and 5th of October. We have had a good take up of places already, so make sure to register and book your accommodation ASAP if you plan on coming. You can follow the link below to see more information on the meeting and how to book a place. There is also a provisional agenda for the meeting available on the same page.



If you do encounter any problems getting the Vectric room-rate with the hotel then please email us at online@vectric.com so we can follow up with them.

Jim McGrew's 'Aspire Camp

Last month James Booth from Vectric made the trip over to Columbia, South Carolina to attend Jim McGrew's 'Aspire Camp'. There was an excellent turnout (around 100 people) with many familiar faces but also a lot of new attendees too, many of whom are members of the Forum. The software received a lot of compliments and James commented that it was nice to have the opportunity to present the enhancements and show-off the new features in person.


Vectric would like to thank Jim and Tara for their hospitality and organizing the event, along with a huge thanks to all who attended, presented and brought the excellent selection of samples that were on display. The overall impression was that this was one of the most successful of Jim's meetings, so now everyone will wait to see if he can muster the energy to do it again next year…


You can see the comments on the meeting on and photos on the forum by Clicking Here

Maker Faire 2013

Once again this month, a contingent of Vectric staff will be headed over to Northern California for the Maker Faire in San Mateo. ShopBot Tools are kindly allowing us to hang-out with them and make use of one of their CNC's. We are looking forward to seeing all the weird and wonderful things that only occur at the Maker Faire and hopefully contributing a little too. The Maker Faire runs on the weekend of May 18th and 19th and you can read more about it here: https://makerfaire.com/ be sure to come by and say hello if you're visiting.

AWFS Fair - Trade Show in July

Vectric will be exhibiting at the Association of Woodworkers and Furnishings Suppliers trade show in July. The AWFS Fair runs from July 24th - 27th at the Las Vegas Convention center, you can read more about the show here: https://awfsfair.org/. For those visiting the trade show, Vectric's booth number is 7422.

User Forum Showcase

Napkin Holder

Wooden Padlock

Formula 1 "Toon"

Celtic Sideboard

Napkin Holder


Napkin Holder

Wooden Padlock


Wooden Padlock

Formula 1 "Toon"


Formula 1 "Toon"

Celtic Sideboard


Celtic Sideboard

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