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Free Project of the Month -
Vectric Wooden Chain

This month Michael Tyler has created a classic woodworking conundrum, the Wooden Chain. This project is a great way to get people talking about how it was made. The files demonstrate how easy it is to create a wooden chain with your Vectric software and CNC machine. In the past, this project would have required Aspire in order to run it. The chain link model itself was indeed created in Aspire, but imported (as an STL) into the new VCarve Pro V8 software where you are now able to directly load and machine 3D relief models!


Available for Aspire 8.0 & VCarve Desktop/Pro 8.0 users.



Note: For further information about upgrade options or to purchase Aspire / VCarve software then please Click Here.

Case Study - Tiki Bar Cannon

This month we bring you the story of a veteran salesman David Mathieu. We came across David's work via the Vectric User forum, where he posted an image of a wooden cannon he had made, this happened to also be his first ever post. Being reletavely new to CNC machining we were interested to see how David ended up making something like this and what he learned from the experience...


Vectric USA User Group 2015 – Las Vegas

For the 2015 USA User Group we are returning to the Embassy Suites Convention Center, Las Vegas. This is the same venue we used in 2013 and 2011. The dates for this year’s meeting will be Friday 9th and Saturday 10th October, 2015. We'll be offering the usual mix of presentations focused on "What's New" in Aspire and VCarve Pro along with projects and ideas for how to get the most from the software. This, along with the opportunity to meet up, learn from and share with fellow Vectricians makes the meeting an excellent way to improve the use of the software and your CNC. Please note there is a strict limit of 120 places and for the last 4 years we have sold-out way ahead of the meeting so if you're thinking about attending don't delay in booking your place.


Cost for the meeting is US$199 which includes lunch and refreshments during each day along with receiving the data for the videos and files for the majority of the presentations. You can read more about the venue and book your place at the meeting from the USA User Group page.


To view the USA User Group Page click the button below:


Vectric UK User Group 2015 - Wootten Park

We are pleased to announce that after a successful inaugural UK User Group meeting we plan to hold our second one on September 30th, 2015. This will be in the same location as last year (Wootten Wawen, Warwickshire) and follow the same one-day format highlighting a selection of presentations from the US User Group.


Cost for this event is £50, this includes lunch and refreshments along with the data for the majority of the presentations and projects from the 2 day US event. Space is limited so please book as soon as possible to ensure your place.


Along with learning something new and meeting like-minded CNC enthusiasts, there is also the opportunity at the UK meeting to come back to the Vectric office in the evening for another chance to ask further questions and see the great samples of customer’s work we have on display.


Click the button below for more information or to book your place:


Software Releases

March and April saw the release of new versions of Cut2D, VCarve and Aspire.  The new features and enhancements have been praised on the Vectric User Forum and very well received at the recent Aspire Camp in South Carolina, if you want to see what the fuss is about you can read more about the new versions HERE or you can download the FREE Trial-Versions and try them yourself HERE



Design & Make

Last month we discussed that with the release of VCarve version 8 and its ability to import and assemble multiple V3M files the excellent projects on the Design and Make website can now be utilized with both VCarve V8 (Desktop and Pro) in addition to all versions of Aspire.

The Design & Make projects consist of a selection of closely themed models which can be used to create a customized 3D layout. The finished model can be machined as is or personalized with text or other shapes to easily create a huge array of finished parts on your CNC. Visit the website to try the free projects yourself:




Cut2D, VCarve and Aspire V8 Patches

Some recently reported issues with Cut2D V8, VCarve V8 and Aspire V8 have been fixed in a new patch for each program. As such we have new release versions available for all these programs including both the Desktop and Pro variants, this will update any version of V8 to 8.017.

If you have already installed the software you can use the “Help” drop down menu from within the software and click “Check for Updates” to patch your version of the program. You can also login to your account on the Vectric Customer Portal to download the latest full-install for your product if you prefer to do that.  


Any problems or questions with this then please email




Other Vectric Events

It’s a busy time at Vectric at the moment, last month James was at the ISA show in Las Vegas and this week we just returned from the Aspire camp at Jim McGrew’s Cabinet Maker’s in Columbia, South Carolina. This unofficial User Group was the largest and most successful yet with over 130 people in attendance! Thanks to Jim for hosting and everyone who attended for making it so enjoyable and worthwhile.


Next week we will be heading to the Maker Faire in San Mateo and helping out in the ShopBot tent. The Maker Faire is a pretty unique event, the organizers describe it as “The Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth, part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new!”, If you plan on attending be sure to find us in the ShopBot tent and say hello. Visit the Maker Faire Website


In July we’ll have our own booth at the AWFS Trade Show in Las Vegas. This year’s show runs from July 22nd to July 25th. Vectric’s Booth number is 9744. If you’re visiting the show be sure to come to the booth and we’ll be glad to show you the new features in Version 8 or answer any questions you may have on the software.

Visit AWFS Show website


Get Tickets to Maker Faire Today!

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