Projects of the Month 2013

Last year we made a great selection of projects available, free of charge, to all Aspire 4 & VCarve Pro 7 users. All of the projects we have released are still available to download (and still free of charge) in case you think you may have missed one. You can access all of our free projects by Clicking Here.

The Vectric projects are not only designed to allow you to recreate the original project design, but they are also intended to be used as a training excerise that allows you to gain familiarity with our software. Once you are comfortable with the initial toolpathing processes, you could try and make your own variation of a project, or even take design elements such as the 3D models within the piece and use them in your own designs.

All of the projects that have been made available were created by Michael Tyler and include detailed PDF instructions with images to help guide you along the production process. The zip file also includes all the necessary pre-made files for you to simply open and setup for machining (that's assuming you don't want to create your own variation of the project!). You will also get high resolution images of the finished piece. On top of all this, if you are a member of the Vectric User Forum you can ask questions and get advise from other users within the Vectric community of over 9,000 members.

Below you will find a selection of projects, original and variations that have been created by Vectric customers that have shared their finished pieces on the Vectric Forum.

If you have a finished project then we would be delighted to see photos of your finished piece as well. You can either post them on the forum, or alternatively send them to us directly by emailing

We hope you have enjoyed the projects we have released and we look forward to publishing further projects throughout 2014.

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