Choosing your FREE trial

Our free trial software allows you evaluate each programs capability to see which of our software packages is right for you. You can test the ease of use by creating your own designs and test compatibility with your machine by cutting the sample files included. The free trial will let you use all functions within the software with the exception of saving the toolpaths and performing some 'Export' functions. The Pro versions of the trials also do not allow you to use additional Gadgets.

Once you’ve downloaded the free trial of your chosen software package, work your way through the built in tutorials which give you step by step instructions to creating your first project or choose from a one of our specially selected free projects to cut with your machine.

Try Before You Buy

Try out all the features with no obligation to buy

Unlimited Trial

No limits to how long you can use the trial software

Test Machine Compatibility

There are a variety of free projects available to you to cut from within the free trial.

No Sign-up Required

You will not need to enter your card details or personal information.

Choose which software package to try

Cut2D Pro Vectric Cut2D Pro 2D Cutting

Perfect for the hobbyists, Cut2D Pro gives you the power to produce complex 2D patterns with profile, pocket, drill and inlay toolpaths. With unlimited job and toolpath size, true shape nesting & job set-up sheets.

VCarve Pro Quotrefoils

Making the move to 3D? VCarve Pro brings the third dimension under your control with the ability to import and toolpath a single 3D model. With unlimited job and toolpath size, true shape nesting & job set-up sheets.

Aspire Logo Lioness 3D Modelling

Aspire fully realises the potential of your imagination. there’s no limit to what you can produce. Aspire adds 3D design tools to enable you to design & develop your own creative masterpiece.

Cut2D Desktop Cut2D Desktop 2D Cutting

Cut2D Desktop gives you the power to produce complex 2d patterns with profile, pocket, drill and inlay toolpaths. The Desktop edition is designed for small CNC machines, aimed at hobby or non-production ‘maker’ environments.

VCarve Desktop Vectric VCarve Desktop Bullshead

Making the move to 3D? VCarve brings the third dimension under your control with the ability to import and toolpath a single 3D model. The Desktop edition is designed for small CNC machines, in hobby or non-production environments.

Which do I choose, Desktop or Pro?


  • 24" x 24" work area limit
  • No Nesting/Plate Layout
  • No Toolpath Templates or Merging Toolpaths
  • No Gadget Scripting/Automation
  • No Job Set-up Sheets


  • No Size Limit
  • True Shape Nesting
  • Merging Toolpaths
  • Toolpath Templates
  • Gadget Scripting/Automation
  • Job Setup Sheets

More Vectric Software

Vectric Cut 3D

Cutting 3D models? This is what you need


Turn your photos into beautiful carvings

Why Choose Vectric?

90+ hours of free tutorials

90+ hours of FREE video tutorials

Try before you buy

Try before you buy

just pay the difference

Switch to different package? Pay the difference

FREE lifetime support

FREE lifetime support

Free minor upgrades

Free minor upgrades

No maintainence fees

No maintainence fees

Forum community is 18,000 strong

Forum community is 18,000 strong

Vectric Community

90+ Hours of FREE Video Tutorials.

Learn how to use Vectric software in your own time from the comfort of your own home. All of the tutorials have been created to enable you to follow along and learn at your own pace. Each video is full of useful hints and tips to get you started with the software and ensure you get the most out of it.

Try before you buy:

Our free trial software has been designed to allow you to test all the elements of the software to ensure it is the right product for you before you buy it. The trial is not time limited, nor does it require you to sign up with your personal details. All of the features are enabled and there are a selection of free projects available for you to download and cut on your CNC machine to check the compatibility. 

  • Test machine compatibility 
  • No sign up needed and no obligation to purchase 
  • No time restrictions or timeouts
  • Free video tutorials
  • A variety of free projects available to cut in the trial software

Upgrade to a different product - Just pay the difference.

We pride ourselves on ensuring you only purchase the products you need. We don't penalise our customers for starting with our introductory package and working their way up. This is why we offer everyone the option to upgrade to the next product by just simply paying the difference.

FREE Lifetime Support

Regardless of when you purchased your software, we are always here to help!

  • You will never pay extra for support
  • We will support you for as long as you own the software
  • 90+ hours of free online training materials
  • With over 18,000 members the Vectric Forum is a wealth of information

Free Minor Upgrades 

Any major version of the software released within 12 months of you purchasing the software is supplied free of charge and available from your V&Co account.

Minor updates are always free to anyone who has the same major version (e.g V9.5 would be free to all owners of V9.0 software).

You can upgrade to the latest version of the software for the same price, regardless of the version you are currently running. For example, the price to upgrade to the latest version of the software if the same, regardless of whether you are upgrading from version 4.0 or 8.0.

No Maintenance Fee's...Ever

When you purchase Vectric software it is yours. We have never and will never charge a maintenance fee. We regularly develop the software to include new features and these are available to you if you choose to upgrade to latest version. 

Our Forum community is over 18,000 strong

Whether you have advice that you want to share, you're looking for inspiration or you want to join your fellow creatives in an exciting new project, the Vectric Forum is the ideal place to head over to. There’s strength in numbers and our community has more than 18,000 members and is growing every day.

Put your question out the experts who are using the software everyday or simply share some pictures of your latest project.

Our community is important to us. Once you purchase Vectric software you will become part of V&CO

Becoming a member of V&Co you will receive:

  • FREE Projects (see below)
  • Monthly Customer Case Studies
  • Access to your Software Downloads
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Priority Event Access
  • & Much More

Click on one of the free projects below to take a sneak peek:

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