Job Description

We are looking for an experienced full stack web developer to help improve and expand upon our growing range of web applications.

You'd spend you time maintaining and improving our existing range of web services, for example:

  • We have a back office sales and licencing platform. This is our in-house workhorse and we'd like to make it as smooth as possible for our sales and support staff to use.
  • We have a customer facing space which hosts private data, but also inspiration and projects for our customers.
  • We have several online stores where people can purchase our products. All store purchases have to be collected, processed and maintained in our back office systems.

You'd have the chance to work on any new web based projects we take on.

We'd like you to be able to contribute to any technical choices we might make:

  • How can we ensure that our sales process is a seamless as possible?
  • How can we make sure our data is stored in a safe, and flexible way?
  • Are there ways in which our technological choices could improve the performance of our services?

We are a small company so you'd be expected to help out with things like

  • Communicating with our support and sales staff about issues customers might have, or about improvements to our back office functions.
  • Troubleshooting problems for users on our platforms

About You

  • Our core services are written in Java and Spring Boot, as well as Node and Express. In an ideal would you would be familiar with those. We also know that the right person for the job would probably pick these up quickly. Experience in a some web-application MVC framework like Spring Boot, Ruby on Rails, or Laravel is essential.
  • You have experience with relational databases, and designing database schema.
  • We're looking for someone who has experience in a modern component framework such as React, Vue or Svelte. We have code written in all three.
  • Although you might not be a designer, you can make something that is presentable, and you have an eye for when something doesn't look quite right.
  • You understand the value of CI/CD and would bring a desire to implement development best practices into the role.
  • You are approachable, and would become somebody our support team could rely on to troubleshoot issues with incoming sales.




Full Time

Vectric Ltd
Precision House
2 Arden Road