Aspire 4.5 has a number of enhancements in all areas of the software along with some completely new functionality. On this page you can read a brief summary of the additions and download the "What's New" PDF document which lists all the new features in detail. We have categorized the changes into four headings, Drawing Tools, Modeling Tools, Toolpath Options and Miscellaneous.

Vectric are pleased to make this a free upgrade for all Aspire customers running version 4.0. To access the new version start a copy of Aspire 4.0, click on the "Help" drop-down menu and then "Check for Updates". Follow the instructions on the screen to update to the latest version of the software. Customers with versions of Aspire up to 3.5 who are interested in upgrading can review the Upgrade Options by Clicking Here.

What's New in Aspire 4.5 PDF Document

Visit the program updates page and access the free download

What's New Video

Click below to watch a video that demonstrates the latest features in Aspire 4.5 & VCarve Pro 7.5

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Drawing Tools

There are lots very helpful additions to the drawing tools which provide more control over vector creation and improved efficiency when laying out a design, these are:

  • Rotate objects around a user defined center point.
  • This can also be used when copying objects in a circular array.
  • Fixed nudge distance when hold Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key (defined in Snap Settings - F4).
  • Ability to move a vector node by a relative distance to its current location.
  • Snap to center, corner and border mid-points of the job area.
  • Create vector boundary from multiple overlapping vectors.
  • Generates a new vector based on the silhouette of selected vectors.
  • Option to create "rubber band" border and specify an offset distance.

A major enhancement for SketchUp users is a new import tool which can help extract and organize 2D data from a file with an SKP extension (there is also a way to extract 3D data which is detailed below). A SketchUp file is typically drawn as a full 3D object, for example a cupboard or piece of furniture, the new import tool provides many options to control how the data is imported to help dramatically reduce the time it can take to layout this type of data and get it ready to toolpath. This is explained more fully in the "What's New" PDF.

Modeling Tools

The Import 3D model function in Aspire has some new options. The SKP (SketchUp) file-type can now be imported as a 3D component (this will create a single object). There is also an option to add the effect of perspective to 3D models when importing them. For some shapes this will help enhance their appearance and provide more impact when converting them to a component in Aspire.
The Emboss Tool is a completely new feature in Aspire that can be used to great effect when working with some imported 3D models. Often a 3D shape which has not been created in a "relief" style may have too much detail to use it effectively in a job. When the height is reduced on this type of model then much of the detail can be washed out. The Emboss tool provides a way to preserve surface detail when reducing height.

When slicing a 3D model Aspire now has an option to create 2D vector boundaries on the top and bottom of each slice, each set is placed on an appropriately named layer. These vectors are very useful for creating efficient toolpaths when 3D machining each slice.
This version of Aspire now provides access to component creation and manipulation via the LUA script interface (Gadgets) more information on this can be found at

Toolpath Options

Creating a pocket toolpath on slots or "donut" type pockets which are the same width as the tool would often cause undesirable results in previous versions of the software. This has now been updated to automatically recognize this situation and whenever possible try to machine these parts in a single pass making a more efficient toolpath with a better finish.

The Drilling toolpath has had two options added to it. First you can now specify that the Peck-Drilling raises up a distance above the last pass rather than pulling out of the hole completely. This speeds up some types of drilling operation. There is also the option to create a Dwell at the bottom of each pass. This pauses the movement of the tool at the bottom of each "peck" before retracing by the specified number of seconds. To use this feature your CNC must support this option and you will need to ensure your postprocessor has a section to manage this.


The short-cut keys to zoom have been consolidated and had options added to increase their uses. Pressing F or the function key F6 on the keyboard used to zoom to the extents of the job setup area even if there were objects outside of this. In the new version hitting either of these keys will zoom the screen to the extents of all the visible objects in the job. Holding Shift + F/F6 will zoom to the job extents and holding Crtl + F/F6 will zoom so to the extents of any selected objects.

Click here to visit the program updates page and access the free download

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