Vectric Software Comparison

Please use the following summary information to determine which of the Vectric software products is best suited for your CNC requirements. For more detailed information on each product and to download the fully functional Trial versions click on the associated links.


Functionality / Product


Cut2D Desktop

3D Modeling & Sculpting
Mirror Mode Components
3D Machining
Import 3rd party 3D Models (STL, OBJ, etc.)
Single Model
Single Model
Single Model
Import SketchUp 3D Models (SKP)
Single Model
Single Model
Import/Assemble Vectric Clip Art (V3M)
Single Model
Multisided Machining
  Semi Auto    
2 Sided Machining
3D Model Slicing
2D Design & Drawing Tools
Image Tracing / Vectorization

2D Machining Profile/Pocket Drill/Inlay

True Shape Nesting
2.5D VCarving / Engrave

Prism Machining / Texture Toolpath / Fluting

Wrapped Rotary Toolpaths
3D Toolpath Preview
Realistic multi-color
3D Toolpath Preview
Tile Toolpaths to cut in smaller sections
Cut parts larger than 24"x24" without tiling
Toolpath Templates and Toolpath Merging
Lithophane Creation
Photo V-Groove Machining

For more detailed functionality information about Cut2D, VCarve and Aspire please download this PDF document:

Functionality Comparison Table >Download PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Aspire include the functionality from the other Vectric products?
A. No – Aspire does include all of the Cut2D and VCarve functionality plus the Lithophane machining from PhotoVCarve and single sided 3D model machining from Cut3D. But does not include,

The Automated Multi-sided 3D model machining available in Cut3D.
The Photo V-Groove engraving available in PhotoVCarve.

Q. Will the Vectric software run on my Vista PC?
A. Yes – All of the software products are compatible with Windows Vista, XP & 2000. For details of the recommended minimum PC specifications see the FAQ section.

Q. Do I need any other software to run my CNC machine?
A. Yes – the Vectric software products all save CNC toolpath files – GCode, HPGL, XYZ points etc. and this information need to be opened in the machines CNC controller software – Mach3, DeskCNC, Flashcut, Fanuc, Woodwop, ShopBot etc. The control software transfers the XYZ toolpath information to the CNC machine.

Q. Is the Vectric software compatible with my CNC machine?
A. The Vectric software products include standard postprocessors / drivers for most CNC control systems – GCode, ISO Code, 3D HPGL, XYZ Points etc. The postprocessor is also configurable and can usually be modified to run most CNC machines.

If you have any questions about postprocessors please email –

Q. Does VCarve include all of the Cut2D functionality?
Yes – VCarve includes everything from Cut2D + additional toolpath options.

Q. Does VCarve Pro include the PhotoVCarve functionality?
A. No – VCarve Pro cannot convert an image to a 3D model for machining lithophanes or create the photo v-groove toolpaths.

Q. Does Cut3D include the machining options in Cut2D?
A. No – Cut3D is a dedicated 3D model machining engine with no 2D toolpaths other than a simple cutout pass around the model.

For more information see the FAQ section on the web site or email us at –

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Important Note

It’s important to note that the Vectric software products are each designed for specific applications and that Aspire and VCarve do not necessarily include all of the functionality from the lower costs products. For example, Aspire and VCarve do not include the Photo V-Engraving functionality from PhotoVCarve or the automated Multi-Sided 3D model machining functionality available in Cut3D.

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