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What's New in Cut2D 1.5

What's New in Cut2D 1.5

Cut2D 1.5 is a FREE upgrade for all current Cut2D customers! The new release includes a lot of new features and additions, these slot into the current interface and will add more flexibility and ease of use to the already elegant simplicity of the Cut2D process. Use the links on this page to get the update and read more about the specific feature enhancements.

Some highlights of Cut2D 1.5 include the addition of a line drawing tool, some new text editing options and a vector welding tool. On the machining side of things there is now a more sophisticated Tool Database and a new toolpath strategy; Quick Engraving. For general ease of use customers can now use calculations within the interface for example entering "9/64=" to get the value "0.1406" instead of having to remember the decimal equivalent. Another very useful time-saver is that files saved with the new version will have inbuilt thumbnail support in windows to make it easier to find and identify previous jobs. This is just a sample of the improvements in this FREE upgrade, follow the links below to read more details.


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