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Design & Carve Series 1-A Wildlife Scenes

The Design and Carve concept combines 3D Clip Art, Projects and Tutorials to simplify the production of customized decorative carved parts for any CNC user. The Design and Carve content works exclusively with Vectric's powerful but easy to use Aspire 3 design and machining software solution.

The Project files and Clip Art on the disk can be carved "out of the box" or used to create your own unique designs for your customers. The tutorials, while focusing on the themes on the disk also contain many techniques and ideas transferable other applications providing a great set of additional training material for any Aspire 3 user.

EXISTING CUSTOMERS: If you already own the original Design and Carve 1 disk then please email us for information on special pricing for the new disk:

IMPORTANT: The Design and Carve Product requires Aspire version 3 and a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x1024.

Wilderness Scene Coat Rack
Coat Rack Carved by Tim Merrill

"I've just finished the last tutorial and I am very impressed!!!! You did a great job! Not only did I learn new techniques for using Aspire, but the tutorials reinforced the basic Aspire operations as well as added a few new tricks." - Tim Merrill

Design & Carve - Western / Ranch Scenes SamplesThe DC1-A Wildlife Scenes edition includes a selection of animals and natural scenery models to allow the user to create Mantels, Door Panels and many other products with a wildlife/nature theme.

As well as the Clip Art and Projects the DVD disk includes 32 HD videos. These cover everything from the basic process involved and some key areas such as layout, height adjustment and sculpting, all the way through to a variety of complete projects being created using Vectric's Aspire Software. These projects range in complexity from simple combinations of a few different models to full design, layout and sculpting projects of an entire panel or mantel. A selection of which you can see in the images above and below. Download the PDF document from the link below the images to see a detailed description of all the projects and what they cover.

"I couldn’t have done my new project without the new videos, thanks for the awesome tutorials." - Rick Harmsen 

Click here to view the D&C Series 1_B PDF Overview Document

Included Object Models Included Scenery Models

Features and Benefits

  • Over $1000 worth of Clip-Art in CRV3D (Aspire) file format
    • 34 Individual Animal Models
    • 42 Individual Natural Scenery Models (includes some not available on the VA3D website)
  • 22 Aspire (CRV3D) bonus project files including finished projects, scenes, and design variations
  • 35 Video Tutorials, total over 7 hours duration
  • Many of the projects start with an empty file and show you how to generate the entire design from scratch using the clipart that comes on the disk
  • Get up and running immediately with ready-to-go projects that can be carved for creation of samples and finished parts
  • Learn techniques to help you customize the parts to offer unique variations and alternative layouts
  • Maximize the value of your Aspire software by learning skills and techniques transferrable to many other applications

For further information and a video overview of Design & Carve Series Series 1-B content, please CLICK HERE (this link will redirect you to the VectorArt3D website).

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EXISTING CUSTOMERS: If you already own the original Design and Carve 1-A Wildlife Scenes disks then please email us for information on special pricing for the new disk:

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