The options to stay connected on the internet and what each of them can be used for can seem overwhelming, particularly with all the different Social Media channels available. Many of us at Vectric find this confusing enough and we guess some of our customers may be in the same situation!

To help with this we thought we’d create a brief guide to show some of the ways you can stay in touch with Vectric (and other CNC users) and give an overview of what the benefits are for each of the options. Hopefully this will help you choose which ones are most appropriate for you.

The Vectric Forum

We hope that you’re familiar with the Vectric User Forum - if not then this is a great place to connect with other users to ask questions, share information or show your work. The Gallery sections are a really good way to see excellent work from other users or to provide inspiration by posting yourself. Whether you just want to passively browse the information or actively participate this is a friendly and vibrant community of Vectric users and CNC enthusiasts.

Click here to visit the Vectric User Forum

The Vectric Labs Blog

Vectric’s Labs blog is where we post about the projects we’ve been making at our own mini-Makerspace. Often we’ll not only describe how we designed, cut and finished the part but we may also include the files for download too. Updates to the Blog are often posted on the other Social Media channels as well.

Click here to visit the Vectric Labs Blog


Twitter updates are short and sweet (140 characters or less). This makes it easy for us to post the latest information on here. So this is a good option if you always want the most up to date information and news and not to have to wait for the monthly newsletter to know what Vectric and friends are doing.

You can see the Vectric Twitter Feed here: - if you want to receive updates you will need to create your own account and then hit the Follow button on our page.

If you are on Twitter then tweet us by using @Vectric when posting things related to Vectric and you may get a re-tweet! In addition don’t forget to include the hashtag #Vectric in your tweets that show your work made with the software so that other users can search the term Vectric to find you.

Click here to visit the Vectric Twitter page


For those of you that have a YouTube account you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, here you can find tutorials and practical videos that you can watch via the YouTube app or on the web. If you go to the settings next to the subscribe/subscribed icon (see image right) you have the option to be notified via mobile or e-mail when we post a new video, that way you will never miss a trick! In addition a selection of the videos have closed captions to make it easier to help you follow along or to have them translated into other languages.

Click here to visit the Vectric YouTube page


Pinterest is purely a visual platform that works like a virtual scrap book, it’s a great bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas onto “Boards” (this is like cutting an image out of a magazine and sticking it into your scrap book for you to look back to at a later date). It’s a simple way to compile all of the great things that you find online. You can find our profile by searching for Vectric Ltd or clicking the link below.

Vectric’s presence on Pinterest allows us to “Pin” things from our FREE projects of the month, Labs projects and things you may have posted on the forum… so if you have a Pintrest account you can follow our Boards to see all inspiration that Vectric has to offer in one place. You can also “Re-Pin” anything to your own boards that you can come back to at a later date. As well as Vectric pins, the search tool can lead you to lots of other inspiration, for example you could search the term “Woodworking projects” or “CNC projects” and you will be presented with lots of “Pins” - a pin is a visual bookmark – when you click on a pin it takes you to the site it came from so you can learn more.

Click here to visit the Vectric Pinterest page

The Vectric Newsletter

Our newsletter is packed with news and information. A typical issue will include the “Project of the Month”, a customer case-study, picks of customer work from our user forum along with updates on releases, trade-shows we’re attending and user groups. All this is collected into a single digest that we typically email out in the first week of the month.  If you’re using Vectric software or thinking about it, then it’s one of the best ways to passively stay-in-touch. We also realize a lot of people don’t like to get an overload of emails, so we only send out one per month and very occasionally an additional issue for a release announcement.

Click here to view the Newsletter Archive


Vectric’s Facebook page provides another good way to stay up to date especially if you have your own Facebook account. You can get up-to-date news on free projects; links to what other users have been up to, updates on where the Vectric team may be in the world, inspiring article links and lots more all within your news feed. As with any company online we also appreciate any genuine Likes for our page too.

We’re also interested to keep up to date with customers who have Facebook accounts, so please email with information about your page if you use it to post images of your work.

Click here to visit the Vectric Facebook page


Google+ (Google Plus) is similar to Facebook but as you would probably guess from the name it is run by Google. If you have a Google Plus account why not follow us there and add us to your circles this is another platform where we share News, Blog Posts and Videos. If you like something then you can +1 it to share it with other people in your circles.

Click here to visit the Vectric Google+ page


For those of you who love to take photos why not follow us on Instagram. We post projects, videos, forum finds on there too! Instagram is a great platform to share photos and be inspired.  Similar to twitter you can do ‘hashtag’ searches for things you might be interested in eg. #CNCProjects and instagram will show you all of the photos that users have uploaded and tagged as CNCProjects, which you can browse through and ‘like’ if any of them inspire you. When you upload images yourself of any projects you have worked on that uses Vectric software be sure to add the Vectric hashtag #Vectric to your description so we can take a look!

Click here to visit the Vectric Instagram page


One nice aspect of the Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram is they also have Apps you can download for your phone or tablet so you can keep up-to-date while out and about.

Search the appropriate app store for your device to find the one you need.


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