Switching to Vectric Software Products – What you need to know

Switching from ArtCAM

Yes – from day one you will own the software outright. In addition, unlike most software companies Vectric allow you to transfer your licence to another user if you sell your CNC on the payment of a small licence transfer fee.

Our experience with lots of users moving to Vectric products over many years is that the changeover has been pretty simple. The Vectric drawing tools are similar in style to the ArtCAM tools with the same approach to drawing Bezier curves, node editing, trimming etc. The modelling tools and type of model used are also conceptually similar in many ways. We encourage all potential users to download the trial versions of the Vectric products they are interested in and work through the free training videos we provide to make sure they will be able to succeed with our products. As Vectric was started over 11 years ago with the express aim of being able to sell CAD/CAM software directly to end users, ease of use has been critical to our success.

Although we can’t open a .art file directly, – we can import both 2D and 3D data exported from ArtCAM

  1. 2D Data - Cut2D, VCarve and Aspire can import vector data exported from ArtCAM (eg. DXF or EPS)
  2. 3D Data - VCarve and Aspire are able to import ArtCAM 3D relief files (.rlf)

VCarve can import a single .rlf file per session
Aspire can import multiple .rlf files per session
As per current versions of ArtCAM, the .rlf files need to be exported out as V9 compatible files.

No – there is no yearly maintenance fee.

Yes – Vectric have a dedicated support team (email & telephone) to address any technical issues eg. post-processors.
In addition the vibrant Vectric forum at forum.vectric.com is an excellent resource for gaining knowledge from thousands of other Vectric users.

Any major release of the software released in the 12 months after you purchase the software is supplied free of charge.

Minor updates are always free to anyone who has the same major version (e.g V9.5 would be free to all owners of V9.0 no matter how long they had owned the software).

After the 12 month ownership period, you would need to purchase an upgrade if you felt the new features justified the upgrade for you.

When there is a new release do I have to upgrade?

No – you do not have to upgrade. 

If a new version is released within the first 12 months of ownership, you get the upgrade for free.  Customers outside of this period can evaluate the new features (with the free trial download) and decide if they want to pay to upgrade or not.  

For the cost to upgrade please click on the link here - /store/upgrades.html

If I don’t upgrade for say 5yrs and then chose to upgrade what will it cost me?

If you chose not to upgrade for several years, unlike many software companies, we do not ask for back-payments, you just pay the standard upgrade cost for your specific program and this will enable you to jump to the latest release.

For the cost to upgrade please click on the link here - /store/upgrades.html

If I want to upgrade from one product to another (eg. VCarve to Aspire) what will it cost me?

You just pay the difference in price between the two products. Vectric DO NOT penalise a customer if they want to start with one of our cheaper versions and later upgrade to a more full featured version.  We actively encourage our customers to start cautiously  and upgrade when they are ready.

For the cost to upgrade please click on the link here - /store/upgrades.html

Will I have to use a dongle or hardware key?

No – all your need is a licence code. This is automatically issued when you purchase the software online.

How many computer can I use the software on?

Vectric's license allows any of our software programs to be installed on up to 3 PC's for a single user.

If access to any one of the computers is shared with work colleagues, or anyone who is likely to access the software, then the software must only be installed onto one computer.

We have many users who have the software installed on their main design pc, the computer attached to their CNC and a laptop. As long as these three systems are only used by the same single user, this is completely legal.

I have ArtCAM Express – which software is suitable for me?

If you only need to perform 2D machining operations then we suggest Cut2D.  If however you need to also create 2.5D toolpaths such as V-Carving or import a 3rd party 3D model for machining then VCarve would be ideal.

I have ArtCAM Insignia – which software is suitable for me?

If you need to create and edit 3D models then Aspire would be most suited.  If however you only need to import 3rd party 3D models as well as full 2.5D machining then VCarve would be the ideal product.

I have ArtCAM Pro – which software is suitable for me?

Aspire would be most suitable.

I have ArtCAM Jewelsmith  – which software is suitable for me?

Vectric does not have a product with equivalent capabilities to ArtCAM Jewelsmith. You could look at the features of Aspire, but we have no equivalent of many of the Jewellery specific tool for making rings, showing jewels etc. and we would not promote Aspire as suitable for many of the tasks ArtCAM Jewelsmith is used for.

What are the differences between all the Vectric products?

For a full feature-by-feature comparison please click on the link here - /products/compare.html

So how much do the Vectric products cost?

For a full price list please click on the link here - /store.html


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