The Aspire Modeling and Machining Process

The process to design and machine CNC projects such as dimensional signs, custom furniture or decorative carvings with Aspire has been set-up to be as intuitive as possible. The starting point for all parts is to import or create your 2D design using Aspire's flexible set of vector drawing tools. If your part does not have any 3D elements then you can go straight to creating accurate and efficient toolpaths to cut the shapes. If your design includes 3D shapes then the powerful modeling tools will let you create all the dimensional components you need. When you are happy with the 3D model you can create a combination of 2D or 3D toolpaths to turn your design into reality on your CNC machine.

Below are a selection of videos which will show you some of the different aspects of using Aspire. These are based on actual tutorial videos but have been designed to give you an overview of the process to create a variety of parts. Topics shown include importing and toolpathing a design from another program, drawing and machining a new design and a selection of examples to show the power of the 3D modeling and manipulation in the software.

Bulls Head - Watch video

Avalon Nameplate - Watch video

Importing Flower Model - Watch video

Shell Sign - Watch video

Magic Beans Coffee Sign - Watch video

Fleur De Lys - Watch video

Aspire's combination of 2D and 3D design and machining functions allow you to get the most from your CNC machine in terms of what you can make and how efficiently you can make it.

Projects can be drawn directly in Aspire, imported from graphical drawing packages (CAD) such as Corel Draw or AutoCAD and from scanned image files and photographs such as jpg and bitmap files. Designs from standard clipart libraries such as Vector Art can also be directly loaded and machined or used as a basis to create 3D shapes.

Whether it's high volume production runs, bespoke decorative pieces or simply cutting parts for friends and family on a home built CNC machine, Aspire includes the tools needed to get the job done and to do it as efficiently as possible.

The videos only cover a selection of the capabilities of Aspire. You can review the Feature Overview for a summary of some of Aspire's many other functions and you can use the link below to download the free Trial Version of the software (this does not require registration) so you can see for yourself how easy it is to access the power and flexibility that the software will give you creating CNC parts.

Download the Trial Version

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