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There are a variety of free projects available to you to cut from within the free trial.

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Vectric Community Projects

$349 / £275 / €330 (excludes local taxes)

Is your version update free? Check your V&Co account

Any major version of the software released within 12 months of you purchasing the software is supplied free of charge and available from your V&Co account.

Minor updates are always free to anyone who has the same major version (e.g V11.5 would be free to all owners of V11 software).

You can upgrade to the latest version of the software for the same price, regardless of the version you are currently running. For example, the price to upgrade to the latest version of the software if the same, regardless of whether you are upgrading from version 4.0 or 8.0.

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Cut2D Desktop

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VCarve Desktop
VCarve Desktop

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Upgrade your product and increase your features!

Upgrade from Cut2D Desktop to VCarve Desktop and in addition to the features you have you'll get the ability to create designs with VCarving, textures as well as the ability to import and machine unlimited Vectric 3D clipart or single model files.

Upgrade from VCarve Desktop to Aspire to gain the tools you need to create your own 3D models. You will also get the Photo VCarving toolpath strategy.