Flying Quadcopter

This case study focuses on another project created by the multi-talented Michael Castor who built the pi-pad we showcased last month. In this article we focus on a flying quadcopter that he built using Aspire and his home built cnc. He starts by explaining how the need for this particular project came about.

“Drones are an addiction. You start with something small to learn on, then move on to something bigger like a 3D robotics drone. You build it, you fly it, and it’s awesome. Then you crash it and turn your $600 quadcopter into a an unrecognisable pile of parts. At least that’s what happened to me…”

Having crashed the drone on the test flight Michael took the wreckage home and examined damage. Having turned the airframe into a tangled spaghetti type mess of fibreglass and aluminium he was surprised at the fact the majority of the electronic survived. Still with a fully functional APM (autopilot unit) with a nice crack in the case a perfectly working gopro with another shattered case and two completely broken motors, Michael decided to dust off the salvaged parts and try again.

In the words of Michael, “what goes up must come down and what comes down can sometimes go back up”. So after a great test flight soaring above rooftops to a very turbulent landing, it was back to the drawing board for Michael. His deadline, the maker faire in New York 2013.

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