Bedside Phone Docker

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The Bedside Phone docker is suitable for Iphone 6 > 10 and Samsung 8. The maximum phone size accommodated = 5.5x2.8x 0.4 (140x70x10)

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The docking unit accommodates a phone cable, for charging your phone during the night, and holds your phone in an angled position, enabling you to easily view the phone time display at all times. The design also incorporates a storage section for bedside necessities, an acrylic light powered by the integral phone light (to illuminate your area without disturbing a partner) and a sound box to amplify the phone speaker when listening to music.

The project is quite complex therefore has been divided into separate sections. There are 10 panels to be machined for this project with double sided machining, so toolpaths for 20 sides. The project has been made out of Mahogany assembled and glued. When machining the clear acrylic panel for the light, it is advised the white protective covering should not be removed, as this will help diffuse light inside the storage section of the box.

If you would like to personalise this project to make it your own there is an additional video that will demonstrate how we have constructed the more complex panels. Click here to see the additional video.

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Versions 9.5+ of the software

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