Catch-all Tray

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Happy Making!

I have always loved making things that have a purpose; more importantly, help me keep more organized.  I have a routine of putting my wallet and car keys in the same place every time I get home, so I never, well mostly, misplace them. A leather catch-all tray inspired this project I saw during a distracted web search for something else.  

When I saw it, I thought that we could make one using Vectric’s Moulding Toolpath strategy, and this project proves that we can accomplish it with only two tools, a scrap of old countertop and a bit of messing about.  

As always, I like to add in a bit of personalization, so with the addition of a standard VCarve cutter, you can turn this into a lovely customized gift.  The finished tray would be perfect as a wedding, birthday, or a “just because” gift.

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Versions 10+ of the software

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