Christmas Tree Candle Holder

Welcome to the 12 Projects of Christmas 2020! Beki and Todd have put their elf hats on and have been working hard in the Vectric Grotto Labs designing, machining, assembling & finishing 12 FREE projects as a special Christmas treat from all of us here at Vectric for our loyal customers! All the projects are based around Christmas gifts or decor where we will be launching a new project each and every day running from the 1st-12th December.

On the seventh day of Christmas Vectric made for me… a Christmas Tree Candle Holder!

This project is a nice quick one that you can get machined and up on display in no time! This project consists of several 2D toolpaths and a little bit of v-carving to create the decorative snowflake for the base.

The file is set up to use with 0.49” thick sheet material, all you need to do is adjust the slot widths on the “layout to adjust for material Z” layer to that of the material thickness you are using and fillet all the internal corners to the radius of the tool you plan to use!

I have included the test area that I used to check that the parts fit together nicely too, as it’s always good to do test cuts before machining the entire project!

I hope you enjoy making this project, we would love to see your version of this project so please make sure you tag us across our social channels or upload images of your project to the Vectric forum!

Happy Making!


Which Vectric software do I need to be able to open the free project files?

Versions 10.5+ of the software

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