Magic Wine Bottle Holder

Welcome to the Labs sessions! I’m Beki, a Senior Application Engineer for Vectric. I love to make and I am here to provide you with a FREE monthly project that you can download and cut for yourself!

Each project comes with its own video for you to watch that tells the story of what I am making from start to finish. Including technical software footage, machining the parts in the Labs, finishing the projects and I’ll throw a few tips in based on my experience! Each project comes with the file(s) for you to download from your V&CO account, along with a PDF document that highlights some of the key important steps to help you get through your project. Share what you’ve made on the Vectric Forum.

This month’s project is inspired by a recent trip to Portugal where I came across a“floating wine bottle holder” in a gift shop and I was fascinated by how it was  holding the bottle! So the way it works is that the bottle is able to “float” and self-balance in the air, because the centre of mass is directly over the base of the holder, where the base is cut at an angle and the hole for the neck of the bottle is carefully positioned allowing the whole assembly to balance!

Amazed by the trickery I bought it and thought “I’m going to create one for myself for the next Labs project!”. In the video I show you the design I used and the toolpath setup for the part – the cool thing about this is that it is so quick to cut and really is a talking point for any dinner party!

which Vectric software do i need to be able to open the free project files?

Versions 9.5+ of the software

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